Converse Sneeks and Vampire Teeth

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kk so this was the first book i ever really attempted to write... i'm still working on it, but bear with it, it gets better. this is from like 2 years ago when the whole Converse Sneeks and Vampire Teeth thing came about so it's not the best in the world, but i promise you it get's better! //_^


We drove down the winding road in silence just taking in the blaring music. Elizabeth turned down the stero and turned to me.

"Why are you so happy?" I gave her a blank stare.

"What do you mean Liz? Am I not allowed to be happy?" she sighed hevily as she often does when I annoy her.

"You're allowed to be happy, it's just that... I don't know, I'm gonna miss California." Ironically California On My Mind by Wild Light-if you've never listened to this song it is a must-came on the radio. I turned the stero up and laughed.

"I sure as hell won't."

Chapter 1 Uneventful Morning

It was a Monday morning in Seal Rock, Oregon. I sat in the back row of Mrs. Fig's eleventh grade homeroom tapping my pencil on the desk sisnging to myself Electro-Socket Blues by Rogue Wave, and waiting for my note to return from my best friend Ember. It was just another uneventful morning. I glanced down at my favourite book Twilight and smiled to myself thinking of Bella and Edward. Edward, I thought to myself imagining my own vampire boyfriend. The note popped into view. I opened it.

Jade stop singing to yourself and pay attention now, cause I'm about to tell you something very important... feedel deedel dop fop!!!!!!!

I laughed a little and then wrote back.

What the hell em???? Can't you stay on a subject for like 1 sec????

Yep, my name is Jade, Jade Elysia Carson. Yea I know it's weird, but my name fits my personality, and as my brothers say, "Carson rhymes with arson!" My best friend in the entire universe is Ember Hurst... yes, he is random. I was about to fold the note back up and slide it back to Ember when Mrs. Fig called my name. Uh oh, busted! Well at least it was homeroom and I wouldn't have to answer a question!

"Yes?" I looked up and she was at my side! It startled me and I jumped. It was embarrassing.

"This is Jewel Evans he's new here and I was wondering if you could show him to all his classes. I noticed that you two have the same schedule!" god he's probably some geek or worse, a jock or even worse than that... a prep! God I can't stand preps! Oh well I'll do it anyway, and if you're wondering why I can't see this kid, it's because Fig is way to fat for her own good and he's standing right behind her.

"Sure Mrs. Fig." I said reluctantly. God this kid is annoying already I like there being an empty desk behind me.

"Thank you so much." Mrs. Fig said as she did a 180 in the row and headed back to her desk. As she made her exit I saw Jewel for the first time. He had paper white skin and was wearing a black Alesana t-shirt and acid washed jeans riddled with holes. He wore Converse All Stars and his hair was cut at a medium length that fell perfectly over his right eye. He had the most beautiful ice blue eyes lined in thick black eyeliner. He gave me a crooked smile that sent chills down my spine! I was beginning to think that I was going to like this kid!

"Call this a mask, call me strong; call me a mess, call me wrong. Cause sick hearts do fine with wasting their time."

-Sick Hearts, the Used

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