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You can skip this it's just an intro to where you are and how you fit in this. The next chapter is where the diary happens.

4/21 15:30 Sakurami Middleschool

I put my diary in my bag and look over to Yuki hes on his always.
"Yea?" He looks at me suprised. I sigh hes always been like this since his dad left i wouldnt blame him ever since my mom died ive felt the same way.
"Class is over lets go home"
He nods just to look over to his phone.

Ive known Yuki since we were little. We always hanged out and talked until my mom died and his dad left. He has been a little distant from me I usually stay at his house since my dad did begin drinking ever since my mom died. So his mom takes me in from time to time. Of course we both did get a habit of recording what happens everyday i have my diary and he has his phone.

I sigh. He then gets up looking at his phone he sticks his hand out for me to grab. I takes his hand helping me out of the desk. There was some people staring at always"We dont have enough"
"Hey we should find other people to join"
"Hey (Y/n) and Yuki-"
"Hey i wouldnt try there both loners they only stick with each other"
Yuki ignores them. I put my hood up from my favorite (f/c) hoodie. We walk out and head to the hallway.
"That was rude"
"Its (Y/n) and Yuki im not suprised they're really not social people"
"Like i said they stick with each other not only that they both have diaries one a journal another a phone"
Thats the last thing i hear from that room. In the hallway it was really loud i look over to Yuki he is on his phone still typing.

As we get of the building we head straight home as Yuki writes everything that happens down including when i triped and fell at least he helps me up. When we finally arrived he puts his phone away. He unlocks the door then opens it.
"Hey mom im home"
He heads towards the kitchen i follow close behind to look for his mom.
"I dont think shes here"
"Well she left a note" he looks at it i dont i dont wanna be nosy.
"We got the house to our selves my moms working overnight" he says looking through the cabinets. I nod.
"Here" he says tossing me a small bag of my favorite chips. I fumble it but i still caught it.
"Lets go"
He heads out the kitchen and up to 'our' room. Its sorta 'our' room since i tend to come a lot. Since my dad isnt there most of the time. And he isnt the best to be around when he drinks to.

Yuki takes his jacket off and puts his stuff down he grabs the blanket next to him wraps it around himself he takes put his phone and looks at it. I sigh and take off my hoodie i put my backpack down i take out my journal and put it under the bed and join him in his little hide out.
He just nods and closes his eyes and jclose my eyes too.

Deus Ex Machina the god of timespace he likes to cause trouble. Making people fight in his little games. Along with his asistant Murmur.
"Yuki and (Y/n), huh? Give me a minute. Im tweaking the causality continuum at the moment.."Deus says pressing some weird stuff
"Your up to no good again huh"Yuki says to him. I nod to agree.
"The world needs a thrill ever once and a while."
"You cant go starting wars just for the thrill of it"
"Shes got a point"
"Dont say that...our next game will be intresting"Deus says with a chuckle. Yuki take out his phone typing what just happened I grab my journal from under the bed thats still there in the weird place we are in. I start writing what happened and what happened not so long ago I look over to Yuki's phone.
"Do you really have that much to write"I hear Murmur say climbing on to the bed.
"Whats wrong with that"
"Well it seems a little boring"She says munching on corn on the cob.
"We are just recording what usually happens every day I mean its nothing bad" He says reading it off his phone."I mean its all i have the diary, (Y/n) and this imaginary world". Murmur crawls closer to us still eating the corn.
"So then what do you write (Y/n)?"
"The same thing just more of a summary throughout the day with a little help of Yuki's phone"I say writing in my diary. Murmur starts coming closer to us getting corn everywhere.
"Murmur stop your getting corn everywhere" Yuki says annoyed.
"Your no fun" she says spitting corn at him. He gives an annoyed look.
"Stop" he says i start chuckling."Like i said its all we got..."

"Yuki...(Y/n) are you lonely"

"No were fine like this"

"Would you change yourself if you could?" Deus says like hes in Yuki's room. All Yuki said was 'Tch' i stayed quiet.

"Very well...i shall grant you two the future"Out of no where Yuki's phone vibrates.

"An incoming message?"

It says its from Deus.

"What are you plotting now?"

"An intresting game..."

"Well whatever"

"Its all in our heads anyways..."

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