Chapter 7 - The end might just be the beginning

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--- --- --- 

IT was about 6pm and we were all sitting on the couch. Vic, Jaime and I were playing Mario Kart on the Wii. Tony had gone to drop off Stephanie at home and Mike had gone with him out of boredom. 

"Bitch!" Vic yelled as Warios cut him off. 

Jaime and I laughed at him and the Wario cut me off and I repeated Vic's profanities. 

Jaime laughed again as I crossed the finish line with Yoshi. 

I dropped my controller and went over to Jaime who was sitting on the other end of the couch. Vic was on the floor. I jumped on him causing him to drop his controller 5 seconds before the finish line. I watched as Vic crossed the line and I said, 

"You laughing at me?!" Jaime started laughing and I straddled him. 

I leaned in really close until I could feel his breath on my nose. If Vic wasn't in the room I’d be tempted to kiss him... 

WOAH WHAT?! Where the hell did that come from? What is happening to me? I haven't felt like this since... Cade... Since him and I first met. 

"You laughing at me preciado?" I whispered. 

"Kicked your ass, preciado!" Vic said as Jaime and I stared at each other. It was so tempting to lean down. We didn't break eye contact as Vic continued to speak. I needed to get off him. I know I did, but I couldn't. 

"I swear to god you two get any closer you will become one person." my brother said jokingly. 

How is he so cool with his little sister sitting on his best friend the way I am? I thought to myself. 

Because he doesn't know you want to kiss him. My mind screamed back. 

This is bad... I should get off of him. WHY CAN'T I GET OFF OF HIM?! 

Jaime suddenly dipped his head down and licked my neck. 

"What the fuck?!" I shrieked as I fell backwards onto the floor. 

Well that worked. 

Jaime ran upstairs and locked him in the bathroom. A couple seconds later, Vic's phone beeped on the coffee table.

"Who's that?" I said grabbing it, "Is it your girlfriend?" 

I clicked the lock button and said, "Oh it's just Jaime" Then tossed his phone to him. 

He caught it and read the text, his jaw dropping. 

"Vic?" I said sitting up. He didn't respond. 

"Vic?" I said louder. 

I repeated his name multiple times and then just grabbed his phone from him. I had to wrestle it out of his hands and we ended up on the ground in a full on wrestling match. 

I finally got him on his stomach and sat on his back. I took his phone and read the message from Jaime. 

Dude, I think I’m falling for your little sister... Please don't shoot me

"H-he said that?" 



"Can you get off me so I can go hug my best friend and tell him I won't shoot him?" 

I didn't move which caused Vic to groan loudly in annoyance. 

"Get your fat ass off me!" 

I still didn't move and about 2 seconds after he finished his sentence, the door opened and Tony and Mike walked in, Mike holding a box of Nerds candy.

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