Chapter 11 The Hidden Room 2

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I opened the door and saw nothing but blackness and spider webs. "Lumos maxima," a beam of light shot out from my wand and down a narrow staircase. I pushed aside my dresser and climbed through.

I whispered, "Lumos," and my wand glowed at the end. I walked carefully through the dark and spiderwebs that caught in my hair and on my face. I stumbled down a few of the steps before regaining my balance.

I grabbed hold of the dusty rail that helped lead me down to wherever it went. I walked for another few minutes then came to a wide opening. I stepped forward and a fire shot up next to me. I jumped slightly and watched several fires light around the room. I saw couches and chairs covered by, someone obviously smart, sheets laid out to keep them from getting filthy.

I pulled one back and saw a green chair with brown arms. I stroked the back and looked around the rest of the room. It looked like the common room upstairs. Looks like the boys aren't the only ones with a secret room.

I turned to back to the staircase, I thought, what would be a good spell to clean it? I snapped my fingers and said, "Ventus." a gust of wind shot out of my wand and whipped the spider webs out of the path. I smiled and waived my wand once more and the sheets few off of the furniture.

I walked up the stairs and back into my room. I closed the door and covered it with a curtain I ripped from the 'window' and pinned up. I moved my dresser from in front of the door to right next to my bed.

I hurried out of the room after I whispered, "Colloportus." and I heard the door lock behind the sheet. I ran to Snapes class just as the first student was getting there. I helped with the potion, but none of the other cauldrons puffed green. So, it wasn't too much work for me.

After the next class I went to lunch. I met with Draco and his friends, "Hey." I said sitting down next to him. "Did you like the Potions class today?" I asked, taking a glass of pumpkin juice. He shrugged and said, "Only mine Crabbe's and Goyle's shot green, I think we did something wrong."

"You didnt," I said, taking a sandwich. "Yours were the only ones that were right." I said in a 'as a matter of fact' voice. He looked at me surprised and said, "Goyle? Get a potion right? Highly impossible." I laughed and looked up at the High Table. Snape was watching me. Then he waived me over and left the room.

"Excuse me for a minute." I stood up and walked to meet Snape. I pushed the door open that he had gone through and I said, "Whats wrong now?" I asked him, noticing he was leaned over the table with his back to me. He didn't turn to talk to me, so I walked up to him. He was looking at a piece of paper.

"We have a problem." He said in his dead voice. I sighed, "What now?" He showed me the paper. I took it and read it aloud.

"Dear Professor Severus Snape.

We regret to inform you that there will be a Hogwarts Raid. The first Raid will begin in the Potions classroom.

We will be sending the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts crew to be examining the school one week from Wednesday.

Thank you

Aurthur Weasley

I looked up at Snape and said, "My father?" He looked up at me with regretful eyes. "Yes."