Chapter 5

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It was midday now. We just spent the entire morning watching culinary shows and he hugging me from behind. I had to admit it was nice. I felt weird but nice. he shifted from time to time to get himself confortable but besides from that, nothing else was heard besides the sound of the tv. Suddenly I felt a hand petting my head. "It's almost lunch time, what do you want to eat Tomoe Chan?" I heard from behind. "I don't know." "Hmm... How about this? I'll go and buy you a burguer like the one we saw on tv while you put the table ok?" He asked me. I nodded. " Be right back then Tomoe Chan." He stood up, grabbed his coat and left through the metal door. I put the table and sat on the couch, waiting.

I woke up by the sound of a door closing. I sat up with a messy hair and the smell of burguers filling the room. I walked to the kitchen where I found Kaneki with a bag and... diferent clothes? Instead of the black sweater and brown shorts now he had... a waiter suit? "Kaneki?" He placed the bag on top of the table and looked at me. " Oh Tomoe Chan, I'm sorry I took long. Bt it seems you felt asleep." He smiled a radiant bright smile. "Kaneki? What are you...?" I asked. " Oh, the suit? I work at a coffee shop. That's why I took so long. They were busy and called me to help. I'm sorry Tomoe Chan." He walked towards me and hugged me. "It's alright." Suprisingly even for myself, I hugged him back. He kissed my cheek. "Sweet." He whispered in my ear. I blushed and rush walked to the table and sat. I heard him smirk and grabbed me from the chair. " What are you do..." Before I was able to even finish the sentence he sat himself at my chair and sat me at his lap, following by a kiss at my neck. I blushed and hurriedly grabbed the bag. I tried to take the burguer from the bag but he understood what i was doing and took it from me."Hey!" I complianed! I tried to take the burguer away from him and kicked and spread my arms and legs in hopes he dropped the burguer but instead he just smiled and waved the burguer high in his hand. " You know, this used to be my favourite burguer." I stopped. His favourite burguer? " Do you want it? I don't.." " Of course not silly! I can't eat it anymore!" He flipped my forehead. " Ouch!" 

He prepared the burguer, put it in a plate and gave it to me. " Eat!" I heard him say. I looked at the plate. The burguer looked nice but nothing like what I saw on tv. I guess I couldn't really expect to have one like the one on tv. I looked at him and he merely smiled. I bit the burguer, only hoping that it wasn't drugged or something.

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