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Sans felt his whole being shudder. He stood up imediatly to his classmates dissipointment, his eye highlighted a light shade of blue, his usual grin no longer there dimished by the news now replaced by a look of pure fear.
"You've checked everywhere?!"
"Y-yes! Perhaps you'll have better luck?"
Before anyone could tell him to stay, or even give him permission he had run out the door, down the long hallway to the entrance of school, slipping out through the double doors.
"Pap! Bro, this isnt funny! Heheh.."
He laughed nervously, checking left and right.
Then he remembered.
If pap ws anywhere, he was there.
Trudging through the snow sans ran, slipping and falling on his face a few times in his "determination"
He found pap lying face first in a snow pile.
The older brother approached him as if nothing had even been wrong, the worry melting off his face to be replaced by his usual calm look. If his brother knew how worried he was, that would be troublesome.
"whats up bro?"
Papyrus looked up, his skull stained with tears.
"They said that I was weird and stupid..even when I announced I was the son of the royal scientist nobody believed me!"
He sniffles
"They said I was too stupid to be related to someone as great as him.."
Sans picked pap up from the snow, putting him on his feet .. which pap ignored falling down on the ground agian.
The older brother rolled his eyes, but didn't look especially angry
"the answer if the sky. come on pap, i thought you liked puzzles."
Papyrus quickly looked up at that, scowling.
"same thing."
"thats my name."
"for a small monster you sure can shout."
Sans just smiled.
"Yes pap?"
His brother stood up, looking up at him with new determination.
"Let's go back. I want to give it another try."
The older looked surprised, but pat his skull approvingly.
"Your a brave kid bro."
Papyrus grinned.
"You know it!"
The brother's made haste back to school, neither of them able to fathom what was about to happen next.

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