XII- Doc

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Greyson rushed into his house and went straight to the infirmary, Indianna's weight in his arms didn't slow him one bit. "Doc!" Greyson yelled, kicking the door open with his boot. "Doc, where the hell are you?" He laid Indianna on a bed and turned just as a middle aged man with greying hair entered the room.
"Oh my-" He looked at Indianna who was shaking violently and Greyson clenched his hands into fists.
"Don't just fucking stare at her, Doc! Help her!" He growled and Doc nodded, hurrying over to Indianna's side.
"She's... She's starting the process. I wasn't aware we had any shifts happening soon."
Indianna screamed out in pain as her stomach felt like it was being ripped apart by knives. She wasn't unconscious, but she wasn't in control of her body. She could feel herself shaking, but she couldn't find the energy to move any part of her body. All she felt was pain.
"She's not a fucking pack member, help her now, Doc!" Greyson ordered, power oozing from his voice.
"Not a pack member?" Doc questioned as he held his hand to Indianna's forehead. "Alp-"
"Doc, unless you want your heart ripped out and shoved up your fucking ass, I would advise you fucking help her!"
Doc coughed and nodded. "Her core body temperature is rising," he said, not fazed by Greyson's outburst. He was used to him by now. "I need to cool it down."
"Then do it!" Greyson snapped and tensed when Indianna spasmed and screamed again.
"She's fitting, I need to stop her from shaking that violently before I do anything else."
"Do it, Doc!"
"I need to restrain her. Fitting isn't uncommon during the beginning of the process, but I've never seen it this violently before. She can cause damage to herself if it carries on. I need you to help me hold her down," Doc said just as Ace, Kal, Harry and Brooke entered the room. "Boys, you can help."
"Is she o-okay?" Brooke asked quietly, staring at Indianna in shock.
"Does she look fucking okay, Brooklyn?" Greyson hissed.
"Brooke, just stay back, he is on the edge of control right now," Harry said and kissed Brooke on the forehead before walking over to Doc and Greyson.
"Greyson, hold her arms down," Doc instructed. "Harry hold her legs."
Indianna shook uncontrollably when Greyson held her arms down and he gritted his teeth, looking down at her face that was screwed up in pain. Harry pinned her legs to the bed and Doc quickly strapped Indianna to the bed. Greyson let go of Indianna and frustratedly ran his fingers through his dark hair. "She's restrained, Doc. Now help her."
Doc nodded and walked over to one of the many glass cabinets that lined the wall of the infirmary. He took a syringe out and walked back over to Indianna. With one hand he steadied her shaking arm and with the other he injected the syringe.
"What's that?"
"It will lower her body temperature," he said. "Has she showed any signs of the process starting before this?"
"Yeah," Greyson muttered. "She wasn't well a few days ago. She had a temperature, she was sick- That doesn't explain why she is reacting like this."
"Greyson, who is she?" Doc asked gently.
"She's my-"
Indianna gasped loudly and her eyes flew open. Greyson was immediately by her side and she looked to him in panic. "What is g-going on?"
"Sugar, you just need to remain calm," Greyson said sternly and Indiannna looked down at the straps restraining her.
"What is this!" She panicked and groaned when a ripple of pain ran through her. "G-Greyson!"
"Indie, please stay calm," he begged. "It's going to be worse for you if you panic. Doc is helping you, you'll be fine soon."
"Why is he helping me? Greyson what is going on!" She demanded, yanking at the straps around her wrists.
"You're going through a process right now. This is only the beginning, it comes in three stages. Pain comes first."
"This isn't the time to give me half complete answers, Greyson!"
Indianna snapped and cried out in agony again. "What the bloody hell is going on with me!?"
"I can't tell you."
Indianna laughed humourlessly. "Of course you can't!"
"Right now, you need to be as calm as possible and if I tell you I can promise you that you won't be," Greyson said. "Sugar, stop pulling at the restraints, you'll hurt yourself."
"Why am I tied up, Greyson?"
"You were fitting violently, Doc said you could hurt yourself."
"Untie me," she snapped and winced in pain.
"Doc?" Greyson looked at Doc who shook his head.
"The beginning of the process is different for everyone, there's no way to tell if you're going to start fitting again. It's safer to you to keep you restrained," Doc said as he looked through the glass cabinets.
"I don't give a shit!" Indianna yelled. "Let me go!"
"Indianna, calm the fuck down and stop freaking out!" Greyson demanded and clamped his hands over hers, stopping her from pulling at the straps.
Sparks spread up her arms and she froze, never feeling them so intense before. The pain dulled ever so slightly and the next wave of pain wasn't as intense as before.
"Oh my," Doc gasped. "You two are-"
"Shut up," Greyson said sternly and looked down at Indianna. "Please, just get through this and I'll explain everything."
"Untie me," Indianna said through gritted teeth.
"You asshole." It was then when her eyes flickered around the room and landed on Brooke, Ace, Kal and Harry.
"Now you go quiet," Greyson said, chuckling when Indianna narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm going to let go of you and you're not going to pull at the restraints. Is that clear?"
"Crystal," she muttered and clenched her hands into fists as more pain ran through her body. Greyson slowly let go of her and then Doc walked over to the bed, wiping Indianna's neck with a sterile wipe. "W-what are you doing?"
"I'm just going to give you a simple injection," he shrugged and her eyes widened. "It will hopefully help with the pain."
"Hopefully?" She squeaked and tried her best to move away from the needle that Doc was holding. Big was an understatement. "N-no! I don't want an injection!"
"You've already had one," Greyson shrugged.
"I wasn't fully aware of what was going on five minutes ago!" Indianna hissed. "Please, not injections!"
"It will be over quickly," Doc said soothingly.
"If you come any closer with that needle then I will stab it so far up your ass it will come out of your fucking mouth!" Indianna growled and Doc raised his eyebrows at Greyson who smirked.
"I can see why you two were put together," Doc commented.
"Greyson," Indianna gulped. "Please, I don't do well with needles."
"You're scared of them," Greyson said after a few moments. *Why?*
Indianna took a shaky breath. *The attack, I was hurt real bad. I was taken to the hospital and let's just say that my memories of that day aren't of sunshine and rainbows. I nearly died, Greyson. The amount of needles I had-* Indianna stopped and Greyson sighed, running his fingers through his hair.
"I'm sorry, but you're in pain, sugar," he said just as Indianna groaned. "Point proven," he said and nodded to Doc. "Do it."
"No!" Indianna gasped and moved her head so Doc couldn't inject her.
"Indie," Greyson sighed and gently, but firmly moved Indianna's head so her neck was exposed.
"Greyson!" She panicked as flashes of the attack ran through her mind. "Please!"
"Stay calm," Doc instructed as he neared closer to her neck with the needle.
"Would you be bloody calm if you were in my fucking position!" Indianna exclaimed.
"You're loud," Greyson stated. "You're angry."
"Not fucking shit!" She yelled and tried to move away from the needle, but Greyson held her still. "Greyson, if that needle gets any closer I am going to f-freak out!"
"Don't look at it, sugar."
"That's a lot harder than it sounds!" She snapped.
"She's starting to panic, Greyson," Doc said.
"You don't need to be a doctor to know that!" Indianna growled and her heart started to race.
"I don't want her to start fitting again," he frowned.
"Then fucking stab the needle in her neck," Greyson shrugged. "Quickly."
Doc frowned and walked back over to the cabinets and took out another needle. "W-what else are you going to put in me!" Indianna groaned and whimpered as a new wave of pain flooded her body. "Ow."
Doc grabbed Indianna's arm and and stabbed the needle in before she could do anything about it. Immediately Indianna felt her body grow heavy and she tried to speak but she couldn't form words.
"What did you do?" Greyson asked.
"I thought it would be easier for both of us if she was unconscious," Doc shrugged and just as Indianna's eyes were closing she felt a sharp pain in her neck followed by blackness.

"That was her fourth episode. When she wakes we will have to keep a close eye on her," Doc said, looking down at Indianna.
"Why is she having so many fits?" Greyson asked, frustratedly biting his nails.
"Because of you."
Greyson's eyes darkened and he narrowed his eyes at Doc. "Excuse me?"
"He means that you're an Alpha so it's worse for her." A women walked into the room and stopped next to Greyson. "Her body has to prepare to evolve into something more than an average pack member, the process is affecting her more than a commoner."
"Kirstie? When did you get back?" Greyson asked, arching an eyebrow at the woman.
"When I heard about her." Kirstie nodded to Indianna and looked at Greyson. "I get no hi? No 'I missed you, sis'?"
Greyson shrugged his shoulders.
"Miserable git," Kirstie muttered.
"Doc, leave," Greyson said and Doc nodded, heading for the door.
"Please!" Kirstie added, scowling at Greyson's rudeness. "Thanks, Doc!" Kirstie looked at Indianna and smiled softly. "She's very pretty, Grey."
"I know."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
Greyson shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "I didn't want to announce it to the world."
"Why not?"
"I am the Alpha of one of the most powerful packs in the world, Kirstie," Greyson said. "If word got out that I had found her then she would be more of a target than she is already."
"Is already?" Kirstie frowned.
"Rogue," Greyson muttered and she gasped. "She's Indianna Hugh's."
"The daughter of-"
"Oh my gosh!" Kirstie gasped. "And it was Rogue that attacked her parents?"
"And her," Greyson said through gritted teeth and gently traced the inside of Indianna's wrist were the bite mark was. "He's here, he's back for her."
"He showed himself?"
"He was less than 20 meters away from me last night. I let him go."
"She was in the car and freaking out!" Greyson snapped. "Kirstie, I have to tell her everything and I don't know how."
"You mean she doesn't know?"
"Her mother brought her up hidden from us, she has no clue."
"Oh gosh," Kirstie breathed.
"She's... Sensitive, Kirst," Greyson sighed.
"I heard her screaming and swearing earlier. She doesn't seem it."
"She was angry," Greyson chuckled. "She gets like that a lot around me. Around others she's very reserved. I just don't want to tell her and have her be scared of me. I can deal with her being pissed and annoyed, scared... I wouldn't know what to do."
"You're just going to tell her," Kirstie shrugged. "You could ask Brooke to help you."
Greyson shook his head. "She's shy around Brooklyn, she won't help."
"Ace? Harry? Kal? Can any of them help break the news?"
"If I want her to remain quiet and talk in short sentences then they will be fucking amazing," Greyson muttered.
"So she's shy around everyone but you?"
"Bingo. Unless she gets really mad, like earlier."
"Tell her in front of everyone. If she feels shy then she will be less likely to react to the news rashly," Kirstie shrugged. "It will give it time to sink in and she can process it properly."
Greyson nodded and looked down at Indianna. When she woke up, he would have to give her the answers she wanted.
All of them.

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