"Welcome to Snowdin'

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It was a particularly beautiful day in snowdin. Sqweals of laughter were heard everywhere by all types of little monsters. But one spot stood out in particular where a larger skeleton - like creature gazed lovingly towards two younger ones rolling around playfully in the snow. The older one chuckled, pushing his younger brother away with a failed stern expression.
"Come on bro, quit the kickin. I'm seriously tryin to make somethin here."
"No you come on!"
The younger sqweaked .
"You promised to play with me today!"
A playful sparkle shone in his eyes as he jumped on the snow-skeleton his brother had made. Instead or getting mad, sans rolled his eyes playfully.
"Thats the last straw bro, looks like I have to play with you now!"
Papyrus sqweals and runs away laughing with sans close behind.
Gaster watches them, his gaze now fully on the older brother. For his age, sans was smart. He knew his son had a bright future ahead, maybe he might even surpass his old man. Or maybe, he might follow in Gaster ' s footsteps and use his vast intelligence for the good of thier King Asgore as the royal scientist. One thing the older monster knew for sure was that sans had a bright future ahead of him. But only, if he is wise enough to listen to his calling.

Days past and the brothers grew bigger. For the longest time, they had been home - schooled by gaster himself, but the older monster decieded it best for them to make friends with other kids like themselves. Thier father had thought sans too smart for kindergarten, so he had skipped a few grades. The older brother still refused to go untill papyrus could too.
Gaster was none too pleased with this decision, but he held his tounge for Sans's sake.
"come on bro, don't wanna be late." Sans called, running out the door with papyrus soon following. Getting to school was just a trek around the village, which wasn't that big in itself. Both brothers arrived just on time, slipping into thier classes with a "good luck" to each other.
Or more of a "good luck papyrus" and a "I'll be fine sans!" Nevertheless sans stood up front of the class, deciding to give them the best impression of himself as possible.
"Now sans, please introduce yourself to the class."
Sans dug his bony hands into his pockets, looking up to face his classmates.
"yo, I'm comic sans. I hope we can all be skelebuds."
The call aplauded in acceptance as sans took his seat with a knowing grin. Things from now on would be interesting.

Halfway through the month sans was making perfect progress. He already stunned his homeroom teacher despite being the pretty new to this whole classroom thing. When other students asked how he knew all these things, he explained with a smile that his first teacher was the royal scientist himself.
"Woah, sans is so cool!"
"I wish Gaster could've taught me too!"
Kids gathered around him, and he didn't mind. Just as he was about to reply-
"Is comic sans in this classroom?"
All heads turned to a timid looking teacher, half hidden by the door edge as if trying to hide herself.
"Your brother papyrus.. we can't find him..!"

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