We're back

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It's been a few years!

CJ is 3 now.

I'm not old!

Chris is sexy

And Danielle is 12.

We were on our way to Precious (Destiny and Prince's baby) first birthday Precious was so cute but she was bad a'f! Destiny is beautiful and her husband is cute his name Trey Burk! Fine as fuck! And Prince's girlfriend is pretty I guess... Trey Burk is famous so is Destiny she's a singer! Wait I was talking bout Prince oh yea his girlfriend is a dick sucking,only likes his money,ugly ass bitch ! I just wanna be like...BYE FELICIA! Lmao I'm funny. Prince is still I MINDLESS BEHAVIOR! Yea...life's good. Now that I've caught you up with our lives are you ready for the drama parts ? No? Ok.😔

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