Chapter 29 - [Gift Hunting and the Pharaoh]

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May's birthday was coming up. I knew this because I arrived here on her birthday and the one-year 'anniversary' of my arrival was approaching. Also because as I sat in Uncle Ethan's office, translating some hieroglyph's to help him out, I noticed the big circle over the third of May. Over it was written 'MAY'S BIRTHDAY!" in messy writing.

And now I wondered what on earth I was going to do about it.

I had spent enough time here to understand how birthdays worked. They often involved celebrations with the cakes that May bakes along with a lot of presents.

And that meant I had to get May a present.

I rolled my eyes at the thought, though I was alone in Uncle Ethan's room and no one was there to see my annoyance.

Though Christmas was five months ago, it felt like yesterday. And she only recently started to use the bicycle that I got her.

I tried to think of something to get her. Something she would like.

It wasn't that I couldn't think of what to get her. In fact, I think the problem was that I could think of a lot of things to get her.

Books. Stuffed toys. Massive wall paintings. Fragrances. Jewelry. Clothing. Makeup. She would even be satisfied with food.

I guess the problem was that she liked so many things that I couldn't think of what she would want.

But... the spirit of Birthday's was not meant to be revolving around getting gifts for people you care about. I think it was more for appreciating the fact that said person had survived another calendar year.

And of course, by appreciating this fact, the person whose birthday it is can acknowledge that you are happy they survived.

So, May survived another year of her life. She was turning nineteen, which in this world meant that she could legally drink alcohol, and I guess my duty was to make sure she knows that I'm happy she survived another year.

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