Creating Memories 03 Kazoku no Katachi ♛ In search of a Family

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Part 1

No one can replace family, but is family determined by blood... or perhaps with something else... if it is indeed determined by something else... one can only wonder what that 'something else' is.

Questions such as these are always imprinted inside Sakuya's head. She has always wondered why she was left alone in this world...

Sakuya is of Japanese descent who never got to know her Filipina mother, she was brought up by her Japanese father who would then abandon her at the end.

Sakuya who is half Japanese and was taught by her father about Japanese culture and tradition begun to use how her name should be brought up:

For one the surname must and always be first spoken before her given name, therefore her surname is Kohouin and her given name Sakuya; and

Secondly in a typical Japanese family part of the family's name is usually discarded, whichever is more influential of the couple gets to have her surname used. For Sakuya's case it is her father's... But all that simply did not matter to her, after all, she never knew her mother, so much as to not know her mother's name or surname. All she knew is that she has to have one.

If asked about her father, well her answer would be as ambiguous as she would be asked if she knew her mother... although she does know her father's name, to her the man who had raised her strictly and incorporated all those Japanese tradition in her mindset, she hardly knew him. In fact, it might not be an exaggeration to say, that he might have not existed at all, compared to her mother who she has never even met before.

Why, if you may ask. She would simple tell you: 'The man who had raised me, and told me that he is my father, but to me he was more like her Japanese instructor or perhaps Japanese social worker who has taken care of an orphaned Japanese-Filipino girl'.

Despite having her childhood to be considered as a bit rough and somewhat shaky, she did (you may not believe it) grew up with a lot of good memories, after all, she was living here in the Philippines which valued children's laughter more than anything else, friends were always at the corner, friendly teachers were always kind an ready to help out.

But... even though she is genuinely happy when she is together with them, a hole is ripped open when she comes to her own house alone which she would never call home.

And every bit of happiness was bliss and at the same time, a distant dream for her.

...and just like all dreams... as always, eventually she wakes up...

Tsukishiro War Council Room, Yamato 8th January 2013 – 15:40

Although war was looming just around the corner, anxiety was not evidently painted in the face of the sleeping king of YAMATO, her subjects call her KIYOHIME and her real name, whom no one else in her kingdom calls, or perhaps might have already been forgotten is Sakuya.

Many of YAMATOs RETAINERs have tried to rouse the king's awareness of the seriousness of the situation.

"Your highness, we are currently in a meeting..." One of her retainers spoke, although he was polite it was evident that irritation was mixed with that same voice.

"..." Sakuya just made a silent gesture to continue with the meeting.

One of the old retainers made a disgruntled voice.

"Continue with the council." Sakuya voice herself to refute the old retainer's irritation

She may sound relax but that was not the case inside her mind, in fact, it was because the situation had become serious that she was trying to recall happy memories in her dreams... but none came to pass her. It was as if anomalies and turmoil were stuck to her like glue.

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