Chapter {5}

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Jimin was trying to get a hold of Hyo Woo. She wouldn't answer at all.

He felt terrible for her. Jimin kept imagining how she must feel and it must have been terrible.

Then he remembered something, "Hey... Yoongi." Jimin said as he was laying his shoulder on Yoongi's.

"What is it?"

"Hyo Woo said she knew you in high school... How's that possible if you graduated probably before she was born?" Jimin asked.

"Hm... She's a vampire too. She likes to keep it really hidden though. Also, I graduated when you were in middle school, I'm not that old." Yoongi grumbled.

"Actually yes you are... But you look like a 22 year old boy." Jimin laughed.

"I look that old??" Yoongi panicked.

"Yes, grandpa~" Jimin teased.

"Ew incest." Yoongi moved away from Jimin causing him to fall into the couch.

"Pabo!" Jimin sat up and hit Yoongi.

Yoongi smirked and kissed Jimin's cheek, "Saranghae."

Jimin smiled, "Saranghae."

All of a sudden, they heard crying from Hyesu's and Dae's room.

Both of them immediately got iPad rushed to the room.

Hyesu was on her little toddler bed, crying.

"Appas! Hyesu woke up from her nap and started to cry!" Dae ran over to Yoongi tugging on his shirt.

"Shut that child up!" Cho screamed through the wall from his room.

"Shut up, Cho!" Woozi shouted at cho, hitting him with a (toy) guitar. Woozi was there to help Cho with something.

Jimin rushed over to Hyesu and picked her up, starting to wipe off her tears, "Sh, what's wrong, honey?"

"Eomma!" Hyesu shouted.

Jimin sighed and sat Hyesu down, "Hyesu... Your mom... Can't take care of you."

"But I miss Eomma!"

Yoongi walked over to Hyesu and started to run his hands through her hair.

"You know what, you'll see your Eomma soon, don't worry." Jimin smiled.

"Reawwy?" She rubbed her eyes.

"Yes, reawwy." Jimin mocked Hyesu's annunciation.

She smiled, "Yayyy I wuve you appa!" She hugged his arm.

"I love you, too." He kissed her forehead.

"Now you lied to her." Yoongi grumbled as they went back to the living room.

"No I didn't." Jimin shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"I might have found Hyesu's mother address and I'm going to take Hyesu to her mother to visit. That's the least we could do." Jimin exclaimed.

Yoongi sighed, "You are a stalker."

"But for a good reason." Jimin smiled.

"Right... Here's a new rule, you can only be my stalker." Yoongi smirked as he leaned in and collided their lips together.

As they were kissing, moving their lips against each other, Yoongi pulled Jimin  to him to the point where Jimin was now sitting on Yoongi's lap.

Yoongi licked for entrance which Jimin let Yoongi's tongue in.

Luckily, everyone else were in their rooms and Woozi could make up an excuse for their noises.

Jimin let out a small noise, making Yoongi blush a bit, "Infires man." Yoongi said when they separated for breath.

Jimin ignored the weird thing Yoongi said and continued to make out with him.

After a bit, they finished.

"We should go take Hyesu to her mom now." Jimin suggested.

"Right..." Yoongi got up and went to get Hyesu.

"I'll watch Dae and Cho." Woozi spoke up.

"It isn't a choice." Yoongi said as he walked out the house with Jimin and Hyesu.

Eventually they arrived at the house, and Hyesu's mother opened the door.

Her eyes went wide as she took Hyesu from Yoongi's arms, "Are you giving her back to me?" She seemed happy.

Jimin and Yoongi shook their head, "We can't. We have something to tell you though." Jimin said.

Hyesu was hugging her mom as they all sat in the living room.

They stayed there talking, convincing Hyesu's mother why she can't be with her. They told her the truth and found out that Hyesu's father was a vampire.

So now, Hyesu's mother explained to Hyesu that they can see each other sometime.

They fixed their problem there.

But now Jimin was worried about Hyo Woo.

He didn't think he should mention it to Yoongi though.


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