Valentina P.O.V

Ok so Mason said he wants a Iphone, so now i need to go to the Apple store at the mall but Blaze...i still need to figure out something to buy him. I need to go tell thim that i am going to mall in case they think someone kidnapped me or something. I am walking down the stairs but i forgot my phone which i will need in case they call me, i went back to the room to get my phone and put my phone in purse so now i am ready, so i am going down the stairs really fast... well not that fast but kinda... whatever anyways i go into the living room to tell them i going to the mall.

"Guys i am going to the mall, call me if something happens" I said to both of them.

"Ok." They both said

Now that i told them where i am going to, i need to go now before they change their mind letting me go out. I unlock the door of the car and i get in, it takes about 6 minutes until i got to the mall. I park the car and get out and lock the car and i walk towards the mall entrance and i find the Apple store in 2 minutes.

I open the door and a lady comes to me and says,"Hello, need any help on anything?"hm... well i do need some help with picking Mason phone.

"Yes i do need help, um.. my husband wants a Iphone but i don't know what generation he wants." I said to the lady

"Well we got all the Iphone's but if you want to get him one, you should get the 5 generation because the screen is longer and it feels thin but not to thin," the lady said to me. 

I might as well get him that one but what color white or black? Well i know he doesn't like black so i go with white. Ok hold up, i can get Blaze a Iphone and Ipod but it would seem that i like Blaze more since i got him two gifts...ok lets get both of them Iphone's and Ipod's.

"Yes, can i get two Iphones colores white please and do you have a Ipod 5 generation yet?" I asked

"Yes we do got a Ipod 5 generation, do you need two of them and what color?"

"Yes please and i could get both of them in blue?" I told her as i smiled

"Ok ma'am be right back,"She said and left quickly to get the Iphones' and Ipods's.

Now that i got Blaze a gift, i don't need to worry anymore about searching through out the mall.

"Ma'am please follow me so you can check out,"The lady said as she returned

"Ok." I replied.

As she checks everything up i didn't notice that Iphones cost less than the interesting.

"Ma'am that would be $899.88 dollars." She said 

I give the 899.88 to her and she puts everything into a bag and gives it to me and says, "Have a good afternoon"

Well at least I got them the same thing. Now i need to get home to my lovely two husband's. I get home and i smell to try and find them and i found them in our room so i go towards the room and go in.

"Hey babe's, i got y'all something,"I told them and i gave the bags to them separately.

"Oh wow babe thanks"They both said at the same time which is creepy

"No problem" I told them. Well now they got their gifts.


(A/N) Ok probably this chapter is NOT good but oh well at least i am trying to write something here. I am not asking anyone to do this but can you tell me on what i can do so this story can much better?

-Princeton_Misfit ;)

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