Chapter 15: The Kick

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~Edwards POV~

Sometimes I really wish I couldnt read minds. I guess I wouldnt need to read minds to know whats happening in Alyssa's room right now. I really wish that i didnt get the graphics through Seth's mind. I'm trying to avoid them, but he is baisically screaming them out.

"I'm going out to hunt." i say. Bella takes my hand and we run out the door. We hunted for a while, but soon found ourselves in our meadow.

"I love you." Bella whispered to me, sitting on my lap.

I look up into her golden eyes. although i miss the chocolate brown, she still has beautiful eyes. Beautiful nose. Beautiful everything. She doesn't have a single flaw. She is breath-taking.

"I love you too." I whisper, pulling her closer to me. She smiles and presses her lips against mine.


~Alyssa's POV~

"We should get back down stairs." i say, slipping my shirt back over my head.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Seth agrees.

After putting my clothes from yesterday on, i realized that i reek of werewolf.

"I'm going to take a shower." i say, walking to my bathroom.

"I will be right here." He says.

"Okay." i say, turning on the water. I strip down and step into the shower. I scrub all the werewolf off my body so my vampire family wont be revolted. I wash my hair and condition it. When i'm done, i blow dry it and put it up into a ponytail. I pull on a brand new outfit and look at myself in the mirror.

I have on sea green short shorts and a black halter top that hugs my torso. I decide to put on yellow flip flops and paint my toenails black with sea green polka dots. My fingernails were painted black with yellow stripes. I clip on my charm bracelet from Esme and my neclace from Rosalie. When I walk out of the bathroom, Seth is sitting on my bed.

"Hey babe." he says, walking over to me. The first thing io notice is that he smells really bad. Thank God i don't sweat.

"Go take a shower." i tell him.

"Why?" he asks.

"Because you stink. Like really really bad."

"Fine." he says, walking to the bathroom.

i hear the shower turn on and my phone vibrate on the dresser. I go over to it and see that i have a new text from Emmett:

Hey little sis, have fun last night?


I feel myself blush.

None of your buisness Em! Do you have fun EVERY night with Rosalie?


Yes actually. I do have fun with Rosalie every night.


Wow...this is really awkward...

That's nice.


So you and and Seth, huh?


I smiled. I am so lucky to have Seth.



Are you coming down anytime soon? I'm soooo bored. Rose and Alice are at the mall shopping. Jazz is out hunting. Carlisle and Esme are out somewhere with Renesmee and Jacob. Edward and Bella are out having alone time together. Do you want to play Monopoly with me? I'm all alone! :'(


I smiled. Only Emmett would ask somebody to play with him because he is bored.

Sure, I'll be down in a sec.


Yay! :)


"Seth?" i call, walking into the bathroom.


"I''m going downstairs."

"Okay, i'll meet you down there when i'm out of the shower."

"Okay." i say, running out of my room and down the stairs. I stop when i get to the living room where Emmett has Monopoly set up in the middle of the floor.

I laugh to myself and sit down. We play for a long time. the game has lasted for two hours now. Seth has his arms wrapped around my waist and his head on my shoulder from behind me. Occasionally i will feel him kiss the side of my neck. His shaggy wet hair is making my shoulder all wet, but i dont care. Like Jacob, he is shirtless and has on a pair of old jean shorts.

"Ha! I win!" i shout.

Emmett throws a fit about how i always win and i just tune him out.

I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and i take it out to read the new message.

Is it safe to come home yet? Are you two done?


Yes :/






I put my phone back in my pocket and sat down on the couch. Emmett and I are playing rock-paper-scissors, which i'm winning, when Edward and Bella walk in.

"Hi, Ally." Bella greeted me kindly.

"Hi." i replied.

Edward sits on the couch across from me and Bella sits on his lap. We are all watching TV when Jazz walks in and sits on the couc next to me. By now, Seth is asleep with his head in my lap.

We all sit in awkward silence, watching that Phantom of the Opera DVD that Bella got me for my birthday.

"Hello my wonderful family." Alice says, dancing into the room and sitting on Jasper's lap.

"Hey." we all say.

Rosalie alks in and sits on Emmett.

By the time the movie ends, everyone is sitting in the living room. They are all humming songs from the movie that are stuck in their heads.

We play around for the rest of the day. When night comes, everyone goes to their rooms. Jacob is in Renesmee's room and they are both sleeping. Seth is sleeping in my room. right now, he is sprawled across my bed. I'm at my desk on my laptop checking instagram, facebook and my email. I'm about to die of boredom, so I go down stairs to find something to do.

I find a deck of cards on the kitchen table so i start playing Solitair. That's when the vision takes over my sight.

I'm sitting at the table playing solitair when i feel a small kick inside me and two new thoughts. Two new minds. Time speeds ahead and i am in labor. i have two small girls. feternal twins. Time skips ahead again and they are calling me mommy.

I get released from my vision and gasp. This can't be happening. There must be some sort of mistake with my vision. I cant have kids! My body shut down. it has never really worked. i dont have a beating heart, my organs have shut down, everything.

It's then, when i feel a small kick from inside me. My mind goes blank and two new minds open up for me. two new thoughts.


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