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Here's the sequel for "Black Earrings" I hope you guys will read it and enjoy it.

The life of Mack after she arrived at Korea.

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Memories, flashbacks.

They're something that makes us smile like an idiot, or cry like there's no tomorrow.

Memories, they still make our heart ache or flutter.

Flashbacks make us remember, it will forever stay in our heads.

When the person you love made the best memories with you, thinking back might never heal your broken heart. But is moving on the best choice if you were still so in love?

Her first love broke her heart with another girl, although it was for protecting her it had gave her a traumatising memory.

She lived emptily until that boy came, he healed her.

He left.


And the things they can do.


"Pabo Kookie." Mack muttered, they were at home playing just dance and Jungkook was way ahead of Mack.

"Pabo Mackie." Jungkook chuckled and looked at the score difference, knowing that the girl will never beat him at dancing.

The others all went out to their respective dates and it was only them in the house. Which was perfect for a normal date.

After playing just dance, they were exhausted. Mack blinked a few times before taking out a movie DVD and sat down in front of the TV.

"Kookie jagi, let's watch a movie!" She said blissfully and Jungkook nodded, looking at Mack lovingly.

That time, they were madly in love.

They sat down together on the huge sofa in front of the big TV, Jungkook had his arms wrapped around Mack's waist and she giggled at the ticklish sensation. The movie started as Mack looked at the screen with anticipation, and Jungkook falling asleep mid-way.

"KOOKIE PABO!" Mack yelled after they finished the movie, realized Jungkook was already asleep behind her. She pouted and looked at her boyfriend who was rubbing his eyes lazily.

"Yes? I'm awake! The girl was crying! Then?" Jungkook jolted up, pretending he was looking at the screen the whole time and saw that the movie already ended, but he didn't know why did Mack look so gloomy.

Mack sighed and cupped Jungkook's cheeks, rubbing it in process making him look like a cute hamster. Her mind traced back to the part where the female lead was crying because of a broken heart.

"Will you cheat on me?" She asked and Jungkook tilted his head in confusion, wondering why she would suddenly ask such a thing.

"Just answer." Mack insisted, she always felt insecure about herself and thinking if Jungkook was too good for her.

She was just a fan anyways.

"Mack. You know I love you and it hurts my heart to see you sad. Seeing Taehyuk make you cry breaks my heart that's why I swear I will never hurt you, I'll never cheat you no matter how far apart we are from each other. Jagiya, I promise you that I will love you forever and be loyal only to you. Because you're the only beautiful girl in my eye." Jungkook said gently, brushing the hair away from Mack's face and kissed her lips softly, making her grin like an idiot. He felt her mouth curve up in a line and smiled as well.

"I'll never cheat on you. I promise." Jungkook stared straight into Mack's eyes and said seriously, she nodded and relaxed in his arms.

"You promised. I believe you." Mack nodded, touched that Jungkook took her question seriously and smiled like an idiot being in his arms.

"A promise is a promise." Jungkook said, burying his face in her shoulder as they stayed there in each other's warmth.

*flashback end*

"You promised me." She muttered as the scene that was happening in front of her exploded in her brain, making her unable to breathe.

"Jeon Jungkook. You promised me." She muttered and felt hot tears streaming down her face without a pause, like it was going to flood the world.


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