Romeo, Your So Overrated!

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*** Credit goes to Randy ***

You know those crappy love stories that start out where this random chick meets up with some sort of totally hot hunk, and they look deeply into each other's eyes accidentally, and then BOOM! Its love at first sight, baby!

Well, my friends, sorry to disappoint, but that only happens when you're a blonde princess locked up in a tower stuck in one of those Aesop's Fables books or whatever. In fact, reality pretty much sucks, with a capital S. I used to think that, seeing how I lived in some uber-small town in the middle of Maine where everyone knows everything about one another. Plus homework, annoying teachers, paranoid parents, backstabbing friends, school, hormonal teenage girl problems, stupid boys and the usual jazz, you know? But of course, what happens? Everything goes even worse. Like it was even possible. But apparently, it was.

"Aurelie Chevalier to the main office," the loudspeaker crackled to life, interrupting my History teacher's very boring speech on the French Revolution.

I scooped up all my books off my desk and shoved them in my backpack, glad that I could finally escape the stifling classroom. Honestly, who wants to listen to an old man talk about something that happened like a thousand years ago? It was the middle of May for crying out loud! School's almost out! Summer's almost here!

I quickly exited and made my way to the main office located at the front of the building. I pulled at my t-shirt that was sticking unceremoniously to my sweaty back. It was unusually hot this summer. I shifted my backpack's weight. Suddenly I felt very dizzy. Something was not right.

"They called me down to the office?" I asked as I opened the door.

The secretary at the desk looked at me, pity in her eyes. "Aurelie Chevalier?" she asked.

I nodded, suddenly noticing the two police officers standing next to me. My throat grew thick. "What's wrong? Am I getting arrested?" My voice grew higher with pitch.

"No, no, it's nothing like that," the first officer spoke, his voice gentle. "It's just that..." he broke off, looking uncomfortable.

The second guy took over. "Your parents were in a very bad car crash just a little while ago."

"The car's totaled?" I asked, the first question jumping to my throat.

"Yes," the officer answered.

"My parents are in critical condition?"


"Are they...dead?" My voice cracked.

The officer hesitated. "Yes."

My blood started pounding. The summer heat was suddenly getting to me. And the last thing I ever remembered was the cold linoleum floor rushing up to meet me.


I woke up on a small cot. The first thing I registered was that the ceiling was gray. And boy, it was an ugly shade of gray. Like old elephant's skin. All wrinkly and gross. The memories from the last couple hours suddenly came rushing back. I jolted into a sitting position. The young nurse next to me yelped in surprise and dropped her clipboard.

"Where am I?" I demanded.

"The police station," she replied, regaining her composure. "How are you feeling Miss. Chevalier?"

"Where are my parents?"

She looked at me, the same look the secretary at school had given me earlier. Pity. The door swung open and the two officers from before walked in.

"Miss. Chevalier, we would like you to accompany us," one spoke.

I shakily swung myself off the cot and followed them outside into a small conference room, the walls the same shade of gray. It made me want to vomit. The officer started speaking. And I sat there for an hour, listening to the details.

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