BOBBY ~ Prom

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Note: Happy Birthday to our loveliest Bunny! #KingOfTheYouthBOBBYDay ♥



"Everyone of you is free to pick a partner here in the room for the prom. The masquerade prom will be held next week at the school's open field." I sighed and leaned on my chair.

I never experienced going to a prom. Last school year, I didn't attend. Why? I'm not into dancing. Guys are inviting me to go but naaah, prom is not my style.

"Okay. Class dimiss." Sir said after the bell rang. Everyone immediately went out the room's door while chit-chatting about the prom.

"So ______, are you going to absent again?" Zoey exclaimed as she fixed her brownish hair.

"I don't know. Lucky you. You already have a boyfriend." I said.

"Yea yea. He's waiting for me outside. If you changed your mind about not going to the prom, just call me. I'll help you to pick dresses and put make-ups." She winked at me then ran out the room.

I swung my bag onto my shoulder and went outside the room. When I was walking across the hallway, all I can is bees buzzing about the upcoming prom.

I just saw guys asking some girls for the prom, and I was like, (-_-) ...

"Hey ______, can I be your prom date?" My guy classmate in Physics said.

"Sorry. But I already he have a partner." I said and walked passed by him. Lol, it was just a lie. Well him, he's one of the school's hearthrob. But I don't care.


"Do all of you have partners already?" Our adviser said. I was just looking outside the window. Not willing to listen, for sure it's all about prom again.

"Sir! Bobby has no partner yet." I quickly looked at Simone, our classmate, and Bobby's friend. Really? Well, uhm, Bobby is a cute tall guy. He still doesn't have a partner?

"Why Mr. Kim?" Sir asked him. We all just looked at him while he's only staring at his notebook.

"I'm not yet asking the girl I like to go to the prom." He said with a low tone voice. To be honest, I really admire his deep voice and his cute little eyes --- wait... what... shit.

"Ms ______, do you already have a partner?" I shook my head as sir called my name.

"None yet." I answered. Sir Tisdale looked at me and then at Bobby.

"Okay, let's start a new lesson." Sir Tisdale glanced again at us for the last time before he spoke.

When the bell rang, I immediately went out the room. Badly, Zoey is absent. Aish. That girl.

Anywhere you look, you can see couples flirting with each other, talking about the prom. Dammit I can't handle this kind of environment. I am out of place.

My soul jumped when someome touched my shoulder from my back.

"Holy sssshhhh!" I shouted. Almost all of the students looked at me like I admit a murder. I didn't mind them. I turned around to see the person who just fuck the heck out of me.

"Do you min---" I stopped for a second as I saw... his face. I'm being paranoid.

"Hey... sorry... umm... is it o-okay i-if---" I scanned his face as he stutter.

"Relax. Are you okay?" I chuckled.

"Yeah. Sorry." He looked down. Aww Bobby looks so kawaii!

Cause... he looks like a bunny ._. That's it.

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