She was someone else. No, something else. Lilah Doute, Scarecrow's beloved Phobia was his secret weapon. A tool that not even Ra's al Ghul could snatch away from him, just as he had tried to do through his now deceased son. But, Christian Sawyer would no longer be a problem- something that put a wide smile on Scarecrow's face as he moved through the night air. It was almost time. Gotham would be engulfed in his Fear Gas and he and Phobia would disappear and be together, without anyone to stop them. Scarecrow snapped his head around to look at the loyal woman who followed him and always would follow him. Her now blonde hair was wet and stuck to the sides of her emotionless face. He could still hear her words of protest in his head; she wanted to take Christian with them, to bury him. But, Scarecrow didn't care for that, why should he? The man was a thief and better off dead. He had tried to steal what was his from Scarecrow and that was unforgivable. He swore to himself that he would allow no man to take his Phobia from him again.

"Smile, Lilah." Scarecrow hissed, turning on his heel completely and facing her. As he expected, Phobia stopped dead in her tracked, her eyes shifting from her feet and onto him. Watching her, Scarecrow couldn't help but smile at the small hint of fear that was hidden in her eyes. It was what made him desire her most. The beautiful gown she had worn to find Christian was ripped and stained in both dirt and blood. But, despite all of that, she did as she was asked and smiled for him. As expected, it didn't last. As quickly as it had come, it disappeared and her expression shifted back into one of no emotion. She had so much to say, he just knew it was there, hidden deep within her, yet she was silent. Scarecrow hated silence. "Lilah." He hissed, moving towards her, "Speak."

"What would you like me to say?" She asked, causing Scarecrow to tilt his head and frown at her,

"Don't tell me you're still upset over that thief's death." He growled, growing impatient with Phobia and her emotional attachments to such petty things. Phobia blinked at him,

"No." She lied. Scarecrow smiled softly to himself before he backhanded her, causing her to fall to his feet.

"Do not lie to me, my love." He threatened, moving around her. Phobia was wincing as she rose back to her feet, but her expression returned to a blank stare that looked right through him, as if he wasn't there at all.

"I'm sorry." She replied to him, "Yes, I am upset over that thief's death." She informed him. Scarecrow grinned at her, she was playing a game. That was always her favourite way to annoy him.

"Good." He replied, "Now, you've learnt your lesson." He said, "Now, you know what happens when you try and replace me."

"Replace you?" She questioned, "I could never replace you. I am yours, remember?" There was spite in her tone and Scarecrow loved every second of it. "This great plan of yours, the city becoming engulfed in fear, what do you plan to do when the city has been destroyed? What Batman is gone and Ra's al Ghul has left the wasteland that'll be left of Gotham. What will you do? Become king of the debris?" She asked him, taking a step towards him. Scarecrow adjusted his jacket, slowly exhaling as he kept his eyes locked onto his beloved,

"There are thousands of more people who can be shown the true powers of fear." He explained lightly. Scarecrow reached out his hand, tucking a piece of Phobia's blonde hair behind her ear before he looked down at his watch, "It's time." He said. Scarecrow moved behind her, his fingers trailing across her warm skin. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he leant close to her, "Witness what I've created for you." He whispered in her ear before allowing his lips to trail down her neck, reaching the nape of her neck and kissing it tenderly, his teeth softly grazing against her flesh.

"For me?" She asked, her tone filled with wonder.

"Of course." The Scarecrow responded, "Anything for my Mistress of Fear." Phobia tilted her head and stepped away from his touch, her wondrous eyes taking in the city. Scarecrow watched her, but nothing could make him smile more than clouds of Fear Gas that burst into the streets from the sewers below them. Throwing his mask over his head, he moved towards Phobia, the sounds of screaming in the distance like a soothing melody to calm the beast within him. It was his legacy. Everything he had worked for had led him to this. Moving behind Phobia, he heard a quiet chuckle escape her lips. Her eyes were scanning the terrified faces of the citizens of Gotham that ran from their homes. Their minds haunted by their deepest fears that would soon consume them and ultimately destroy them. Phobia turned to him, her expression changed to one of glee and Scarecrow found something else in her eye that drove him even crazier for her: Madness. Not just any madness; his madness.

"It's so beautiful." She breathed, spinning on her heel and throwing her head back as another laugh escaped her perfect lips. She moved towards him once more, her hands reaching for his mask. Scarecrow was quick to catch them, pulling her into him and running his hand down her body until they reached her waist.

"Do you like it?" He asked the woman who wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love it." She responded, her hands moving upwards to his mask and in one shift movement, she pulled it from his head. "There you are." She cooed, drawing a smile from Scarecrow as she pulled him into a kiss filled with fire, passion and madness. She was his and only his. She pulled back away from him, his mask in her hand. Snatching it out of her hand, he pulled it back over his head. "Can we please go and watch the city?" She asked him, "Please?" Without a word, the Scarecrow moved past her, walking down the engulfed street he had seen a thousand times before, but never this beautiful. Phobia was quick to move beside him, her eager eyes flicking around them like a small child at a toy store. He had broken her mind. He had taken everything from her, leaving her with nothing but him. 

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