Chapter 24

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After standing there for a bit longer than necessary, I turned around to find Jake so I could sucker him into my sneak peek. When I finally found him, I was completely baffled by what he was doing; though in reality, I really shouldn’t have been.

“What’s going on here?” I said speculatively.

Two heads snapped up at the sound of my voice and a guilty expression was all over Jake’s face.

“Liz! It’s so good to see you!” He tried to pretend like I hadn’t just caught him giving sneak peeks to the enemy.

“Jake. Nate.” I acknowledged.

“No hug? You know you missed me. Just like you know you came here for the same reason as me, so stop giving poor Jake here a hard time.” He scolded.

I narrowed my eyes at him, but didn’t say anything in response. He had a point that is what I had come here for, but they didn’t know that for a fact. A scapegoat was needed, if I was to play my cards correctly and the perfect one had walked out the doors not five minutes before.

“You’re so sure of yourself, aren’t you? Well what if I said that I had come to say good bye to Pitt before he leaves to go back to Serenity? What if I said, he had mentioned seeing you around the building? And what if I said, you’re your being here immediately made me suspicious, so I came to confirm my suspicions?”

When no immediate rebuttal was made, I turned toward Jake for the icing on the cake, “You saw Pitt here, didn’t you? So you know there’s no way I’m just B.S’ing you…” I trailed off, letting him jump to all the wrong conclusions. The beauty of it all was that I hadn’t lied not once; I merely suggested that that was how everything went down.

“Well there’s nothing wrong if I just let you both have a quick peek… Just don’t tell the bosses, because they wanted you both to wait until next week…” Poor Jake looked like he was sweating bullets and everyone knew that if there was one thing you didn’t want to do, it was piss off the big bosses. Putting him in this position, kind of made me feel bad, so I said, “You know what? Forget this noise. If they want us to wait, I’ll wait. It’s probably for a reason, besides I know that I’m good enough that a sneak peak won’t make a difference in my performance. Thanks anyway Jake.”

I turned on my heel to leave, but Nate wouldn’t let me leave without a word. I heard him give Jake a quick “Thanks,” before he quickly caught up to me. We walked in silence until I stopped at the door.

“Why are you following me?” I asked mildly annoyed that my conscience had gotten the better of me.

“I’m not following you. My car happens to be in the parking lot and this is the only way to get to it.”

“Oh,” I responded slightly thrown. I saw Nate smirking from my peripheral view and knew he was enjoying the first time he’d made me speechless in a while.

“Actually, since we’re still standing here, I just thought I’d let you know that you might want to swallow your pride and reap the benefits of that sneak peek.”

“Why? It’s not like they gave us some sappy love song. Those don’t fit with our bands' genre of music.”

When Nate just shrugged and left the building without a word, dread wormed its way into my stomach.

“Nate?” I called, running after him. He didn’t stop or even acknowledge that he heard me, so after catching up, I spun him around with a hand in the crook of his elbow. “I need to hear those words, Nate. Tell me what I want to hear.”

He gave me evil smirk and replied, “You’ll get the words you long hear soon enough.”

That sentence confirmed my worst fears. He was obviously referencing the three words uttered too liberally among friends and lovers, which meant I was royally screwed, because I refused to sing some lame love song to my ex-best friend and boyfriend who cheated on me with some skank. I might not be angry with him anymore, but that didn’t mean I was going to frickin serenade him with my feelings of undying love.

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