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I just want to thank you and inform you about something things in this note! There are several things I just want to address so I can get the opportunity to talk with you guys about Important News about I  A M  H I S, and other things such as Altered Update Schedules, as well as other Announcements that I might make.

O  1  |  I  M  P  O  R  T  A  N  T    N  E  W  S

YOU ALL HAVE HELPED TO BRING  { I  A M  H I S }  to the spot of 9K!! And I am super glad to see this progress! And in case you're wondering, all the comments do help out because they are my motivators to keep going!

I want to thank and acknowledge Four readers  especially for their Lasting Engagement in the story, their Funny Wit comments, their Inquisitiveness, and finally their Clever Spirits:

a) fairestangel22 for Lasting Engagement
b) simba-xo for Funny Wits
c) Rani12345678 for Clever Spirits
d) BlueZeebra for The Inquisitive

You Four really made my week, along with the sudden increase of readers! You #all are the blood to this story, and I just want to take the time for me to say this so you know just how important you are to me!

O   2   |   A  L  T  E  R  E  D    U  P  D  A  T  E  D    S  C  H  E  D  U  A  L  S

There will be a change tomorrow because I am so busy, so December 15th, 2015, I will not be posting a chapter at all (I am so sorry!). I wanted to just tell you guys that before I just disappear form the face of the earth.

However, normally, I will update on these days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday (Maybe Saturday...)

O   3  |   A  N  N  O  U  N  C  E  M  E  N  T  S

May I ask all those who read, and enjoy, I  A M  H I S, to please (pretty pretty please?) F O L L O W  me? I know it seems weird, but I get a better view of just how much people are actually reading the story, AND, it also helps you all too.

That's right, my darlings!

F O L L O W I N G  me means that you get to see direct update messages from me as well as random chat messages from yours truly! As soon as I update a chapter, you will get a notification of  I  A M  H I S  being updated!
Isn't that cool?

I also, have one last thing for you all to do. You don't have  to do it though, I would just love to see at the present what your opinion is of the book so far...(it is just in case some of you still don't want to follow, which is of course okay if you don't want to!)

So can you pretty please click the External Link (below in the grey area of the end of the Chapter), and vote!

{I also promise that the next Author's Notes
-- which will appear five chapters-- 
      will be smaller, lol... Good night all! }

Xxx - - P E A C E & L O V E - - xxX
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