"The whol time..." I teased him, and bit my bottom lip as I saw how tall he was-- how buff he was out of those boring white-pressed shirts. I could see the definition of his chest as he breathed in and out, and I couldn't help but smile.

When I walked up to him he didn't move. He only looked at me, his ice-blue eyes taking me in. I tippy toe and kissed his cheek. And he leaned in and wrapped his arms around me as he drew me closer and kissed my neck gently and then... my lips. 

When we broke free, I dazily allowed him to lead me back into the bedroom. I barely registered when he took off his shirt, but I sure did when he began to kiss me again-- this time it was longer-- and strip me down too. Wherever his hands touched my skin, it buzzed.

Soon I am left in only me bra and underwear. 

Mr. Clarke, I see, was horny and he started to grope and grind his boner on me, and I felt compelled to groan. I knew my face was absolutely burning as I shivered. I walked back and only he stared at me, I nervously held his hand and lead him to bed.

I couldn't find the voice to speak, so I just sat down and gulped. He held my face and began to kiss again, but soemthing was burning in my chest. Something was making me hot--hotter than I ever felt before. An urge... No... An instinct... maybe... I don't know.

But whatever it was, it made me brave enough to lay down on my back and shyly spread my legs. I didn't know what I was doing. In fact I started arguing with myself in my head as I saw the shock on Mr. Clarke's face. 

What are you doing? You're supposed to be a shy dork! This is supposed to be super weird!

I feel the bed creak as Mr. Clarke crawls unto it and looms over me. And I can't help but groan as he grinds against me, and I actually feel the pressure building up in my underwear. He kisses me and I taste smoke on his tongue as it twirls along with mine.

He was smoking...? Is he stressed about something...?

When he lets me have a break, I take a peek and see how he licked his lips and worriedly looked at me. My hand found its way to his crotch and my finger drew circles on his underwear, and it was almost exhilerating as well as frightening to see how it buzzed and twitched in response.

My heart is hammering in my chest as Mr. Clarke takes my legs and turns them so I am on my hands and knees, "Is this... Is this okay..." He whispered the question in my ear and I panted.

"I-I don't know... Is it?" I ask him back.

I turn around and I see him bite his lip and then nod, "Just no... penetration then...?" I find myself nodding and then hesitantly, he digs in his night stand then pulled out a condom and I stare at it. "Abby.." Before he can finish I take it out of his hands and let him position me. 

The first few minutes were unbearably enjoyable. Mr. Clarke's hot boner rubbed against my wet panties earnestly. Getting faster, and faster and faster, the louder I moan. We groaned as we enjoy this forbidden pleasure. And I admit, I was a bit ashamed, but the thrusting, groaning, panting, buzzing all put me on an ecstasy high. "Oh yes... oh please," I moaned softly.

Suddenly he gripped my waist and I bucked as I was surprised by his strength, and because something rocked me to my very core. I collapsed and panted and he continued to grind against me. 

I went wild. 

I felt my body shaking, and my legs opening wider so I could feel his grind in... deeper areas. I couldn't help but want it all. He didn;t even put it in yet, and I wanted mroe...

That was until we both heard seomthing and a jolt of fear put this grinding-session to an uncomfortable halt. We both looked around the room to look where that loud bang must have comegf from. 

Bang! It happened again adn Mr. Clarke sat up, both to my relief and annoyance. My eyes drift to the door of the bedroom and they widen. It's open. 

Mr. Clarke follows my gaze as he sighs, "Damn... I thought I closed it..." He got up and the absense of his warmth made me feel colder than I thought normal. I swallow lloudly and hug myself as I sit up. I suddenly have a bad feeling.

Looking away from the door, I look at the window that I had shut earlier. There was a click, and I hear Mr. Clarke get into bed again, but I don't look. And he doesn't say anything. Neither of us do.

Because we see that the glass window-screen that basically formed a third wall of the bedroom that faced the backyard-- which was dark forest really. Made only worse by the literally glowing fog (glowing because of the early morning light)-- and just how open it was. 

And if that wasn't frightening, something else made any plans of... um, affection... take an immediate backseat.

A growl coming from behind us rattled out chests because it was so loud, so close... So un-earthly...

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