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⠀⠀⠀Reaching for the door, something flittering between the wall and the dresser caught my attention: a piece of paper.

⠀⠀⠀It was a pastel pink color, and the texture screamed: IMPORTANT.

⠀⠀⠀But I was curious and so I scanned the document with the golden company press at te top, but ended up reading five sole words that I recognized:

" N u n t I u m    V o l e c r u m    X I I "
- - D e s t r u c t I o n    C o n f I r m e d

⠀⠀⠀I squint and mutter, "Wh-what is this...?" The words were fine, and almost like a typed signature. I knew I saw those words before... And as I struggled to remember I realized that I was standing in Mr. Clarke's room with nothing but a towel wrapped around me.

I blushed and shook my head. "Not the best time to be deciphering a piece of paper..." I place the paper on the dresser and I quickly make it into the bathroom.

Ah! Just as I thought!

The bathroom was fancy as well. Turning the silver faucet, I let the fine shower of water rain onto my skin. Unfortunately there was only boy shampoo, so I had to use it for my hair, and I pulled another bar of saop to use. 

When I was done, I smelled like a jock-- all that was missing was the choking overpowering scent of Axe... I put back on the giant T-Shirt that Mr. Clarke lent to me and nervously tappyed my finger on the sink's counter-top.

"What does Nuntium Volecrum XII even mean?" I asked myself.

Scratching my head, I look in the mirror and start pulling my blonde mesy hair into a ponytail. 

My eyes immediately find the pink scar that ran across my arm. It stubbornly glistned in the pale light that shone down from above. "That's enough of that." Turning around I rubbed my eyes and opened the door to see Mr. Clarke.

He was just coming up the stairs with a tray of... food?

My tummy grumbled as I saw the orange juice and pancakes.  

He knocks on his own bedroom hesitantly and I just stay back and watch, "Abby..." He struggled to say anything and licked his lips nervously, "Abby... I have breakfast ready... I just--" He failed again and rested his forehead on the door, probably exhausted. 

And it would have been reall really cute, but the way he sighed made me think otherwisse. Thinking back to eariler this morning I figure it out: he lied.

"You didn't get any sleep..." I narrow my eyes ar him and grumble.

"It's outside of the door... You need to eat, so..." was what he said when I had snuck behind him. He heard the wood floor creak adn spun around. When he saw me smiling at him and his face turned as red as a cherry. 

Glancing back at the door and then at me, he gae me a confused look and I chose to explain, "I just took a shower in the guest bathroom." 

His brown mop of hair bobbed as he nodded and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked to the floor. "So how long have you been standing there?"

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