"Yeah, but if I show that it's bothering me then it makes her think she's winning," I said. "So let's go to homeroom. We'll see you at lunch, Jake."

"Bye," Jake said giving Connie a light peck on the lips before he walked off. Connie and I walked into the school passing Ricky and Amberly to go to our lockers. I quickly opened my locker shoving my stuff inside and grabbing my binders for the first three hours. We were setting up binders today so this should be fun watching the teachers get mad at students, who don't have their stuff for the second day in a roll.

"Hey girls," Amberly said stepping to her locker and opening it.

I ignored her and continued to look at Connie as she told me how Jake mentioned the 'e' word as exclusive relationship then she turned the conversation on to me and Ricky's relationship.

"So you guys really broke up last night?" she asked looking behind me at Amberly.

"Yeah, well, I think we did," I said. "If we did it was indirectly because he basically told me that he couldn't trust me anymore so yeah. We've been through something like this before though when I told him all about my past." 

"You don't seem bothered by it," Connie said and I know she's just saying this for Amberly.

"I'm not going to let it," I said, "if she wants him then let her have him. It was only a matter of time before we broke up anyways with him going away to college next fall and everything."

The warning bell rung telling us to get to class so I closed my locker and turned to go inside the class not even acknowledging that Amberly was there. Today, Connie and I made sure that there was no open seats around us so that Amberly didn't have a chance at sitting by us.

Homeroom passed by quickly today since I didn't have to listen to Amberly. When the bell rung signaling for everybody to head to their first period Mrs. Fields told us that we wouldn't be coming to homeroom tomorrow and to just go straight to first period. On our way to first period, Connie and I passed Jake and Ricky in the hallway. They looked like they were having a serious conversation, but I stopped Connie from interrupting to go say hi to Jake.

"We're going to be late," I said tugging on her arm pulling her away from them. We got to class and hurried in before the bell rang. We couldn't be marked tardy on the second day of school. We sat next to each other on the back roll and discreetly passed each others notes back in forth while the teacher told us how he wanted our binders set up.

What you think they were talking about?

I quickly wrote back telling her I didn't know what to think, but that they looked serious about whatever it was. I waited for the teacher's back to be turned before I slid the note onto her desk. She opened the note and I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was writing back. She tossed the slip of paper onto my desk.

I want to know what they were talking about!

Well, I can't read minds, Connie. Ask him at lunch.

I will!


She didn't write back after that and we began to actually pay attention to what was going on in the classroom. I quickly caught up to what the teacher had instructed for everyone to do. The last thirty minutes of class, everyone got to talk because there was nothing left to do in this class.

"Amberly sucked up everything you said to me at the lockers this morning," Connie said.

"I know," I said. "I was counting on it."

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