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Sunday November 13th, 2015

Dear Reader,

No friends. No life. No happyness.

This is how I feel right now.

I am literally typing at my computer admitting these things to myself, and it's hard. It's hard to admit the truth that you feel weak when you want to be strong. Personally, I have never had to admit that a boy hurt me because I never let myself get hurt, but for some reason this time was different. I let myself let go of all of my walls and believe in the "Us" That used to exist. I don't regret it though, because I think that I fell in love with him and I wouldn't trade him for the world. It was "Us" that was never meant to be. He was so... great you know? He had what I wanted.

I kind of blame myself for wanting him and initiating the relationship. Does anyone else feel this way?

Say goodbye and say hello,


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