Chapter 2

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I found myself lying on my bed staring at the ceiling that afternoon. When I got back from my outing with James. We could of been out till nightfall; we had so much in common,but James had work this afternoon, for once though I felt it, the ease to talk  to a gorgeous guy; without being someone I'm not.  

I found some interesting things out about him as well ,he's unfortunately a year older than me but that doesn't bother me much, I find older boys are more mature and attractive. The pub is his family business, so the woman me and mum made fun off yesterday was in fact her, I could of died with embarrassment when I told him, but, he just seemed to laugh it off and told me he's heard it all before. He lives with his older brother Tom who might be Sadie's type although James warned me  not to give him the time of day, after recently being sent to prison for  for fighting in a public area, according to James he kicked the shit out of this fella. He's out in 3 weeks so at least I'll get to meet him.

Soon after mum arrives home with bags of shopping and her easel, It looks like there's a storm coming along so I popped my waterproof jacket on and wellies and headed out to the car to help gather the rest of the shopping.

'Hey Abbey 'I hear a deep voice behind me, it was James..

'Sorry did I scare you?, I just came to give you your book you left in my car.'

'oh thanks' I reply a bit out of sorts as I try to look half decent as the rain starts to fall.

Mum walks outside just as James is passing me the book,

'Oh hello there, are you not going to invite your little friend in then abbey?, mum trying her hardest to embarrass me further.

'Mum!'I whisper   

'Urmm yeah sure,'I mutter, 'let me return the favour'. I ask suddenly, hoping he'll say yes!

'No its fine, mum's on the rare occasion cooked my dinner so I gotta go, but I see you around Abbey.

And he's off down the road before I can even say goodbye. I return back into the house with a hurry.

As per usual mums there being all clingy with the question when I get into the kitchen, 

'You've got a fitty in the bag their lov-'

I soon go into my deep thoughts so I don't have to listen to her going on.I've never had a real boyfriend before, so the fact one has took the slightest bit of interest is just plain weird for me . God, he was gorgeous though, I'll be dragging Sadie to the pub tomorrow that reminds me, Sadie's going to be here soon. This summer is going to be great. I can't wait till she meets James.

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