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I walked into the cold library looking around. There sat her, but she had a new book. Her hair was in a half down half up ponytail and she was biting down on her lip. She looked extremely attractive.

I sit down with my lunch chewing quietly trying not to brake her focus, she looked like a angel. She looked at me putting three gums into her mouth. Smacking and popping. "It doesn't annoy me anymore." I say.

She looks up and laughs. "Oh really?" She questions, smacking louder and twirling it around her finger. I held back the urge to cringe at the sound. "Yep." I try to say confidently but fail.

She laughs again shaking her head. "I never caught your name." I eventually say. I had worried what her name was since I don't know what it is and we've eaten lunch together now for 2 weeks.

She looks around a but before smirking. "You can call me Q" she says. "Now, what's yours?" She asks nodding towards me. "Calum"

Just as I say that the bell rings and another note lays.


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