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(Giovannie's POV)


      "Shh," Shanna scolded, "leave him alone, Momo. He doesn't want to talk about it."

      "But we wanna help."

      "He doesn't want our help, Ben," Tyler snapped, "let him wallow in his misery."

      "Be quiet, Tyler," Shanna snapped back, "you're not making anything better."

      "But he's been like this for a week now," Momo whined

      Ben sighed. "A sad Gio isn't our Gio."

      "Shh," Shanna shushed them, "all of you shut up about it."

      I stared at the row of bookshelves in front of me, cheek pressed against the cool surface of the table. I had lain my head down on the table like this ever since we entered the school library to study with the rest of our fourth period English class. It's only been thirty minutes since then but the annoying ticking clock on the wall made it seem like it's been forever.

      Though they had tried their best to keep their voices low, I've heard every single one of my friends conversation...and of course they had all been about me. Yeah, I get it, I've been a complete bore but can you blame me? For the past week nothing I had done had brought me closer to Hunter.

      He was still ignoring me.

      I sighed. How long was he going to keep this up? One more week? Two more weeks? Forever? Had he really given up on me? On us? Not that I can really blame him. After the things I've put him through...I would have given up on me too.

      I've been such an idiot.

     "Look it's Nick," I heard Momo whisper. "Hey Nick!"

      "Shut up, Momo," I heard Shanna smack her. I'm sure she was trying to be considerate to me.

      "Ow," Momo grumbled, "what did I do?"

      I looked up and sure enough there was Nick, headed towards the librarian with a couple of books in his hands. He glanced at me as he past by and I smiled weakly. He nodded back but kept right on going. It's like everything had gone back to normal. Like Nick and I had never...never...

      Tears stung my eyes.

      "Gio?" Ben said my name, a slight hesitation on his voice.

      I stood up, grabbing my books and bag.

      "Gio," Momo frowned, "where are you going?"

      I paused, glancing at them before looking away. I didn't want them to see my eyes. They'd instantly know that I was about to cry...or at least I wanted to.

      "I need to...I need to take a dump," I muttered before walking away from the group.

      They didn't come after me nor was the teacher around to stop me from leaving. I kept walking, passing the bathrooms, passing the cafeteria until I found myself walking hurriedly right out of campus. I was lucky that there had been no security around to question me because I really didn't have a good excuse to be skipping school.

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