Seeds of Change

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A father planted a tree for his newborn child

In hopes that it would make the boy’s childhood worthwhile.

He said to his newborn son:

“Through summer, winter, autumn, spring, full of leaves or naked bare,

You must believe the tree is me ‘cause I will always be there.”

And as he grew,

He climbed the tree,

Made tire swings and jumped high into the leaves.

He even made a time capsule and buried it underneath.

He knew that someday, when all was said and done

He could dig it right back up again to remember all the fun.

The tree grew tall and strong and so did the boy.

He spent more time with friends and less with his toys.

But still every once in a while,

He would stop and stare,

Just to let the tree know that he's still there and he cares. 

One night, he brought a young woman to his place of most pride.

They walked to the tree hand in hand, side by side,

So in love and with promise, they carved their names in the bark,

Then he got down on one knee and carved his name in her heart.

The boy left the home that he'd known his whole life,

But the trees remained still through each day and each night.

Looking into his window, the tree waited like that

Wishing to see the boy’s face looking back.

But even if he was there, the boys face was long gone

Because everything changes, grows and moves on.

Many years passed and the boy became a dad.

The newborn baby reminded him of the childhood he had,

He said to himself, “forget the job, important calls, and bank fees,

I need to take a trip back home. I need to see my tree.” 

He pulled up to the place that he used to call his home,

The old house was covered in moss and the yard overgrown.

He looked up and realized that even though everything here had changed,

The tree his father had planted for him had always stayed the same.

He placed his fingers in the scars of the names that they had carved.

It seemed like it was only yesterday they kissed beneath the stars.

He remembered his time capsule and he dug into the dirt,

In search of the treasure that held infinite worth.

He opened up the box and the memories spilled free

And he relived his beautiful childhood right there under that tree.

And even though he knew father had recently passed away

He knew that in the spirit of the tree he would stay.

He shed a joyful tear and watched it fall onto the earth,

But right where it fell, lay a seed awaiting rebirth. 

Carefully he picked it up and put it in his nice pocket,

And kept it held close to his heart just like his wife's locket 

When he returned home, he kissed his loving wife and his child,

And somewhere in between a cry and a laugh, he smiled.

He threw on his jacket and stepped out the back door,

Reached in his coat pocket and held the seed from before.

He knelt to the ground, in his palm a single seed,

He dug deep in the soil where he planted a new tree.

He knew someday that his child too would see

That even when I am gone, in the trees I will be.

He went inside and held his baby next to the window sill,

Pointed out into the yard where everything was still,

And he said to his baby girl:

“Through summer, winter, autumn, spring, full of leaves or naked bare,

You must believe that tree is me ‘cause I will always be there.”

The End

[Thank you for the love and inspiration, Ms. Laura Lombardi. You have been a gift of divinity itself.]

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