Eleanor Calder

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About Eleanor Calder:

♥Full name? Eleanor Jane Calder

♥How old is Eleanor? 20

♥When is her birthday? July 16th, 1992

♥How tall is Eleanor? 5' 8"

♥How much does she weigh? Between 110-115

♥Eye colour? HazelI

♥ she a model? No. This is a commonly believed rumour. She was a floor model at Hollister a while back. All a floor model does is greet customers/fold clothes etc

♥Does she go to school? Yes, the University of Manchester, studying sociology and politics

♥What are her favourite stores? Zara,Topshop, Office, ASOS, American Apparel,Urban Outfitters

♥Does she have any pets? She has a dog named Pepper

♥Siblings? A step-brother

♥Twitter? EleanorJCalder

♥Instagram? eleanorj92

♥How does Eleanor curl her hair? She uses the Babyliss curling wand

♥What size jeans does she wear? Around a 2-4

♥Origin: England, UK

♥Shoe Size: 6

♥Zodiac Sign: Cancer

♥Three Best Friends: Sana, Ella, Portia

♥Currently Resides: London, England, ♥UKStarbucks Order: White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

♥How long have her and Louis been dating?Since late 2011

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