I fell in love with my gay bestfriend. ch 16

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Erick inlaced his fingers with my. I was going to miss him so much. I took my hand away from him and got up.

“I’m tired. I’m going to change and go to bed. Night Erick.” 

“Good night Abby.” He sounded sad. I walked inside the house and into his room. I grabbed my suit case and my pillow and took it to the living room. The house was quiet. I guess everyone else went to bed. I changed into my p.j’s and laid out on the sofa. I couldn’t sleep, I just laid staring at the dark. I heard foot step, I quickly closed my and pretended I was asleep. I was cover with a blanket.

“I’m in love with you Abby and it kills me that I can’t tell you but Tom. I want us to have a happy ever after like you alway say you want. Sweet dream Abby.” Erick kiss my head and then left.


Finally my parents are finally asleep. I quickly put my shoes on. I climb out my window into the tree and down to Abby house. I grabbed the spear key that Abby had and enter her house. I took out my flash light and went up stairs to her room. What the hell was in that box? The door to her bed room was open. I could see the box sitting on her bed, but I was having trouble going into her room. Should I go in? Should I?  What could happen. I already broken into her room and I not going to go through any drawers.  I walked inside and up to her bed. In the box was a teddy bear and a picture frame. I pulled my sleeve over my hands and picked up the frame making sure I didn’t leave finger prints. I pointed the flash light to the frame and I saw Abby laying in another guys arms naked. The picture didn’t show the guys face. Abby was so beautiful laying there, but the guy that has her. I was pissed. I looked closer at the picture and saw it. 

“It can’t be.” I was hit in the back of the head hard and I dropped to the floor. As I hit the floor what was running in my mind was not who hit me was the guy in the picture had the same weird scar and Erick but it couldn’t be. I felt a small pinch and I started blacking out. Who ever was hit me was dragging me out of the house.


I can’t sleep. I keep replaying how Abby and Chance were holding hand and then when I hold her hand she blots. I ruined the whole day. Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut and just be there for her and show her how much I love her. I can’t believe I’m in love with her! I mean I that I would love and spend my time with a guy. I would not think it would be my best friend. She is always there for you and takes care of you. It was around 4 when there was a knock on the door.


It was late and I hadn’t gone to sleep. There was a knock on the door. I sat up and went to the door. I turned on the porch light and looked throw the peep hole to see my uncle.

I opened the door.

“Sorry to wake up. Abby? Why are you answering the door?”

“I was in the living room. Come on in. Let me go get my things. k” The light was turned on. 

“What’s going on?”

“Sorry to wake you but I’m here to pick up Abby. I’m her uncle.”

“Oh of course. Well it was nice see you again Abby.”

“Thank you. You too.” My uncle grabbed my things. As we headed to the door I saw Erick.

“Bye Erick. I’ll call you late.”

“Bye Abby be safe.”

“I will good night.

“Good morning to you.” He smiled which made me smile. I closed the door behind me.

“Are you sure that guy is gay?” My uncle asked.

“He’s Bi.” We got to his car. I was glad it was his car and not the police cruiser. the night/ day was going to be great. I’ll be safe soon, Erick told me he loves me and Tommy is my friend again. 


sorry it's short.

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