Chapter Thirty Seven

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Simone and Gerald were whispering among themselves the next morning at the kitchen table when Anora stumbled in,her hair all over the place and Iggy at her side.

"Morning, dear." Simone greeted her standing up. "Looks like you slept well."

"Not really." Anora yawned. "I couldn't get comfortable." 

She plopped into one of the chairs and rested her chin on the table. "I look and feel like death."

Gerald frowned. "Do you want to talk about it sweetheart? Your mother and I are concerned. You show up here in the middle of the night asking to spend the night in your old room...what is going on? Where's Charlie?"

"Charlie's being a jerk back in Romania." Anora muttered.

"Ah so something happened between you two then. Just as I suspected." Simone said. "What happened?"

Anora wasn't sure how to word the story without her parents becoming worried over the fact tht she had been involved in yet another dragon attack.

There was no way around it.

"Couple of the dragons we had got into a fight the other day over dominance. I ended up being caught in the middle of it-"

Her mother gasped loudly. 

"But...but I'm fine. Roscoe intervened and everything turned out fine in the end. All the dragons are okay and so am I. But when I got back to the others, they informed me that I needed an escort. That I was the only one in the sanctuary who needed an escort when I was in the field..."

"Sounds like he was being protective-"

"He called me reckless and said I didn't belong at the sanctuary. He said he made a mistake to have me tag along!" she said bitterly.

"Oh...I see." Gerald said rubbing his daughter's shoulder.

"I don't understand him.." Anora said. "He's so confusing! One day, he's taking care of me while I'm sick the next day he's telling me to basically go home. Well, I did what he asked me to do."

"Sweetheart." Simone pulled her into a hug. "I know you're upset, but it really sounded like he cares about you enough that he doesn't want you to get hurt."

"Well, he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. I'm not working at the sanctuary, I quit."

"Really?!" Gerald perked up until Simone whacked him upside the head. "I mean...oh no."

Anora smirked. "I don't mean that I'm giving up dragons entirely. I just mean that I'm not going back to Romania. Ever. If I'm that much of a problem, Charlie is better off without me there."

She arose from the table and grabbed an apple before heading upstairs to get ready for the day.

"Whew, that temper." Gerald said. "She's fiery like a dragon." 

"Well, what do you expect Gerald, the poor thing is so upset right now? I think Charlie really hurt her feelings without meaning to."

"I don't think I ever saw Charlie as one to hurt feelings."

"We are only getting Anora's side of the story." Simone reminded him. "I'm sure there is much more to this."

"You're home!" Tonks wrapped Anora in a hug. "I'm so glad to see you."

"I'm glad to see you too! Your's..indigo?"

"Yes, and you are the only one to get the color right." Tonks grinned.

"Well, I've been through the rainbow with you." Anora chuckled.

"So what brings you back? Why isn't Charlie with you?" Tonks asked confused.

Anora explained the situation as Tonks face changed through a series of expressions.

"Ugh you two kill me!" She said pulling at her hair. "You absolutely kill me.'

"What?" Anora responded as her friend began to pace the room. "What did I do?"

"You two are the most oblivious creatures in the entire world you know that right?"

"I'm so lost right now. What are you talking about?"

"I've been saying it for years to you and to Charlie."

"Come out with already woman!" Anora said grabbing Tonks' arm to keep the woman still.

"You two are in love, you dimwits."


"You heard me, you are both madly in love with each other but you both too stubborn to say anything to each other or you're too afraid. Either way, you two brought this upon yourselves, tiptoeing around your feelings until it just blows right up in your face."

Anora sat on her bed just staring at Tonks for a moment in silence.

"He said I was reckless."  she finally said.

Tonks grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "Because you are. You've always been reckless. You run up to bowtruckles and dragons like their kittens! The only reason why he wouldn't want you by his side is in order to keep you safe because if you got hurt Anora, it would kill him. Don't you get it? Must I spell it out for you two. The whole world gets it but you two just can't seem to figure it out."

"If that was true, if what you said about him feeling that way is true, then why is he not here? Why didn't he tell me that instead?"

"You two are just extremely complicated. There I said it, you two are more complicated than auror training which is saying a lot. A lot! If you would both put your pride and stubborn nature aside and just admitted what you both felt inside, all this could have been avoided!"

Anora opened her mouth to respond but was stopped as the two women heard a knock from downstairs.

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