Prologue: Not Meant To Be

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Smiling to herself as she prepared to go and meet her boyfriend, Camelia Falco couldn't quite believe that they had made it five years; she was excited to share her news with him, she was sure he would be pleased. 

Listening quietly for a moment, Camelia hoped that she would be able to sneak away without bumping into her parents; they didn't approve of her dating Cristiano and they had done their best to keep her away from him. 

Slowly slipping on her shoes, Camelia took a deep breath hoping that she would be able to slip away without attracting too much attention; she had noticed how quiet the house had been recently and it set her on edge. 

Her parents had been talking quite a bit about returning home and Camelia had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before they announced their return to Palma; she hoped that by the that she would have worked things out so that she could marry her boyfriend. 

Things had been going so well for them and Camelia didn't care that Cristiano didn't come from wealth like she did, she loved him for him and they were going to have a baby together next year. 

A smile formed on Camelia's face as she thought about the baby that was growing inside of her; the family doctor had confirmed it that morning and she trusted that he wouldn't breath a word to her parents. 

Camelia had no doubts that they would be far from happy that she was carrying Cristiano's baby, they had always talked about how they wanted her to marry some lord from back home and that was something that Camelia never wanted. 

Smoothing out her lace-sleeve shift dress as she got to her feet, Camelia grabbed her bag so that she could go and meet Cristiano for lunch; she was excited to see him and she hoped that he hadn't been working too hard since she last saw him. 

Cristiano was currently working as a soldier in the army and Camelia couldn't have been proud of him, he was working so hard and she knew that he would work his way through the ranks quickly.

Opening the door to her bedroom, Camelia walked away quickly and quietly glad that her brother wasn't about to rat her out to their parents; Camden was just like their parents and despised the fact that Camelia was with Cristiano. 

"Camelia there you are," Sienna called spotting her daughter, a smile was fixed on her face as she walked down the hallway with a man following after her; she had been hoping to run into her before she had a chance to sneak away. 

Camelia held back a groan as she forced a smile to her face, she had no idea what her mother wanted but there was no way in hell that she was baby-sitting another one of her father's friend's brats. 

"Madre," Camelia greeted allowing her mother and the man to approach her, she barely paid him any attention knowing that it wasn't important; she would be seeing Cristiano soon and she couldn't wait to tell him the news. 

"This is Ricardo," Sienna mused smiling, she was thrilled with how everything would work out and she knew that Camelia wouldn't be seeing the street rat again; she didn't care how upset the blonde would be. 

Ricardo smiled at Camelia, he took her hand and pressed a kiss to it; her father had been right, she was certainly beautiful and he couldn't wait to hear what she thought. 

"It's very nice to meet you," Camelia murmured a little disgusted that he had kissed her hand without asking, she peeked at her mother who seemed a little too happy about; it never ended well for her when her mother was happy. 

Sienna had hated Camelia since the moment that she had been born, she had wanted to give Carson sons and yet she had given him a daughter that had left her unable to bear any more children.

"Your padre and his have reached a wonderful agreement," Sienna almost sang, she couldn't believe that they had found someone that was willing to agree; Ricardo's father had been the first to agree with what they had wanted to do. 

It had been a long time coming and Sienna couldn't believe that someone was willing to help them, she was sure that they would finally be able to get what they wanted most. 

"You and Ricardo are to be married," Sienna announced like it was the most normal thing in the world, Camelia was finally going to be of some use to them and she was sure that she would make a perfect wife for a man like Ricardo. 

His family were very rich and his father had offered them quite a bit of money, he wanted to strength his family and having Camelia marry his only son was the perfect way for that to happen. 

"Like hell I will," Camelia spat furiously, there was no way in hell that she was going to marry such rich prick that her parents had chosen for her; she didn't know him and there was no way it was going to happen. 

Sienna rolled her eyes and signalled for the guards to restrain Camelia, she had a boat to catch back to Palma and they would leave in the next hour; it couldn't have worked out better if they had even tried. 

Ricardo watched his bride-to-be, he had heard all about the street rat that she had been frocking around with and he wasn't going to humour it; she was his now and she would learn to like it. 

Camelia struggled as she was dragged away, she couldn't believe this and she wasn't going to let them do this to her; she would get back to Cristiano no matter what her family tried to do.


Cristiano looked at his watch, Camelia had never been this late for a meeting before and he hoped that everything was okay; he had something big to tell her and he hoped that she would be proud of him. 

Cristiano had been promoted and he was hoping to seek her parents blessing to marry Camelia, he knew they didn't like him but he was determined to marry the woman that he loved. 

Looking up as he heard someone approach, Cristiano's heart sunk a little when he saw that it was his older brother; he sighed palming the engagement ring that he had with him. 

"She's gone Cris," Hugo Aveiro murmured knowing that this was going to break his brother's heart, he knew that Cristiano deserved better than the stuck up princess that he had spent the last five years trying to woo. 

It was almost a relief to be the one to break the news that Camelia was gone, none of the family liked her and they hated that the blonde had Cristiano wrapped around her finger; she was nothing but trouble. 

Cristiano stared at Hugo, his heart pounding in his chest knowing that there was no way that he could be right; Camelia wouldn't have left without telling him and he knew her parents had been talking about returning to Palma to join with her older brother. 

Cristiano had hoped to marry Camelia so that they wouldn't be able to take her with them, he knew that they didn't like him but he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. 

"She left this morning with her family and fiancé," Hugo mumbled hating the look of devastation on Cristiano's face but it was better this way, he hoped now that Cristiano would marry someone that was better suited to him. 

Not saying a word, Cristiano stared down at the engagement ring not sure what was going on but he was going to find out; he didn't want to believe that Camelia had willingly left him behind like he was nothing. 

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