Chapter 54: Epilogue

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"You are not getting married Katrina." My mother said, looking close to passing out as she watched us sat together on the couch.

"You're not marrying my sister." Robbie reiterated, sat beside her on the couch opposite ours looking ready to punch Reed or something.

I tried not to laugh, having dropped this bombshell on them this morning, playing with Reed's fingers, "We're not getting married anytime soon."

"I don't care; you've only just turned eighteen for goodness sake, the last thing on your mind should be marriage." She said, gulping down her third glass of red wine and it wasn't even lunch time yet. It was clear that I'd ruined Christmas day for her.

Reed had slept over last night after the surprise proposal that I was still trying to get my head around. We hadn't gone back to the party downstairs, instead having the most fulfilling love making we'd ever had.

For the first time this year I wasn't afraid of my happiness being ruined by anything since Reed made a big statement that he wanted to be with me permanently, "Mom we're not even thinking of a wedding until after college, maybe not even then."

Just because he'd proposed didn't mean that we were rushing down the alter like two stupid teenagers, I knew that he hadn't been thinking of marriage when he bought the ring, he'd been considering the commitment he was making to me.

That alone was enough to satisfy me. I didn't need any more proof that he wasn't with me because he was afraid that I'd kill myself.

"So what's the point?" my brother asked, looking bemused. At least he'd calmed down now. When we'd told them, Robbie had gone to fight Reed but thankfully mom and I had prevented it from happening.

"Exactly, why get engaged now when marriage isn't on the cards?" mom asked, thankfully looking less pale as presumably the alcohol hit her system.

Reed answered, squeezing my fingers lightly and turning to look at me for a moment, "It felt like the right time to do it. The point was to let Katy know that I'm serious about us and that I want to marry her someday. That could be thirty years from now."

I had the biggest smile on my face, although it sucked that my family couldn't even try to be happy for me. "Thirty years is still too soon, you're supposed to be enjoying a carefree life Katy not getting tied down."

I sighed loudly and stared at my mother, I did understand why she was taking this so hard since she'd only just started accepting my fiancé, I just didn't like it, "I'm not being tied down, it's not like I'll end up pregnant and married in the near future."

"How do you know that? Next you'll be telling me that I'll be a grandmother before I'm fifty!" Mom exclaimed.

"That's not going to happen." Reed said, shifting slightly beside me and I guessed that it had something to do with the thought of a baby and the fact that my mom knew we had sex.

She didn't speak for a long time; it was silent in our large living room so I leant my head against Reed's shoulder as I waited. Eventually she sighed and poured herself another glass before beginning.

Her brown eyes rested on Reed, "Fine, let's say that you are serious about marrying my daughter, before I can be ok with this I need to know that you are capable of making mature and well thought out decisions."

He sat up and looked back at her seriously; I could feel the tension in his body as if he was preparing himself for her interrogation, "What do you want to know?"

"Firstly, Katy is going to college and I don't want you holding her back. What are your plans? I need to know that you can support her financially."

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