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Like the days before I walk into the library with my lunch sitting at my 'normal seat'. I looked around the quite room and 'the girl' wasn't there yet. I have wondered what her name is but to afraid to ask I know I sound like a pussy but, I can't really help it. I continued to sit down with the peace and quite given to me. I start to eat but then the door flew open through the crack of the book cases I could see the pretty girl from yesterday.

"I'm sorry I'm late Karen, things happened." A voice spoke, the voice was quite like she was afraid to be heard. The girl from the days before looked at me and smirked pulling three packs of gum in her mouth and propping down to the seat she sat in yesterday. I looked at her up and down with a playfully angry look.

She had a different book again today. i wonder what type of books interest her since she seems to always be deeply engaged in the books. She smacked again, and again, popped again, and again. This seemed like its a cycle and I'm starting to get tired of it. I look up at her a smirk built on her face, she knew what she was doing.

"Stop smacking that fucking gum." I tell her in a demand hoping for her to stop. She looked at me and back down to the book. "No."

The bell rang and like usual she shot up and disappeared through the door. But she left something behind, a note it seemed like. I pick it up and shove it in my pocket walking into my next class.


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