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The town is small. That's to say the least. I expected with a name like Newton it would at least have some mainstream business, but not for thirty miles.

The bridge is the first sign that you've entered Newton besides the brick sign with the holiday wreath in the center. For the most part, I know I already don't like it. The signs on the stores, the older trees, the white blankets of snow covering the ground, and the locals out walking just give off a bad feel.

Our car drives past a hill, one where you can tell the wealthy live by the massive houses leading up. Mansions cover the hill, gates seclusion them from the outside world as few lights are turned on. For the rest of the town, there's small shops, middle class houses, and a thick forest on the east edge where the high school is. A forest surrounds the town, thick and endless as you could get lost even in the middle of the day when the sun is bright. The neighborhoods of the town may seem middle class at first, but the more you inspect them, the architecture, the colors, and even the window, you get the hint that this town is on the wealthier end. As we enter a neighborhood, I see the Christmas lights up and bright as ever, the holiday decorations around the pale houses, and new cars parked out front. I still wish I was back home, in my room, chatting with old friends as the familiar sounds of the busy city filled my room.

Then I spot it, the house I've only seen in pictures. It's a neat one story with a tall living room ceiling, massive windows, older yet good taste, and a porch swing before the cherry red door. Maybe I'll like it here. Mother fell head over heels for this house the moment she saw it, calling up father right away to have him check it out. Four weeks later and here we are, pulling into the driveway.

By sunset we have most of the boxes unpacked in the house, the boxes stacked on the wooden floor as my mother pulls back the newly placed curtains in the living room. The leather couches were placed in the room two hours ago by the fireplace, a rug in the room, and the coffee table as well. The living room is complete until mom will want to decorate it like usual.

Walking down the hall, I ignore the clinging of pans from the kitchen caused by my dad and head into my new room.

The walls are a pale peachy color, a pretty color, the carpet soft, and my bed by the window that looks out to the backyard. It's a nice home no doubt, only, it's not the same. I'm used to a smaller space as we lived more in towards the city, but now we live in a town where you cannot see the nearest city lights at all.

"Hey, Lily, do you have a blanket to spare," my younger sister asks from the doorway, popping her blind head in.
Grabbing a brown throw blanket, I toss it at my sister and go back to looking outside. She didn't want to move, just as I still want to pack up everything and drive back to the airport.

Looking outside, I inspect the backyard, the tall fence surrounding the property, a pool placed closer to the house as I know it will be fun to use when the snow is gone and the sun is out, and behind the fence lays a forest. The trees create a dark shade in the night, a creepy feeling running up my spine.

Pulling my windows shut, I turn away, beginning to unpack my clothes and place them in the small closet. Henry would love this place. Henry's the oldest of the family, in his early twenties, and an international student for business in Spain. Henry has always loved the woods due to him loving to hunt with my dad for deer or dove. He's the poster child for perfect, graduating first in class, his girl friend still in love with him as she's moving next week to be with him in Spain, and he's always the topic at family gatherings.

Laying down on my bed, I close my eyes, thinking about my new life that awaits. Maybe I'll like it here? Maybe I'll detest it? I'm only here till next year, when college starts and I'll be moving out as I have my mind set on colleges out of state.

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