Chapter 26

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(Your POV)

Hannah struggled as you chocked her.You chuckled as you pulled out a couple of knives." made me suffer......Ciel....Alois....they both made me happy....and....and you took them away from me!"You said as tears rolled down your face.You let go of the rope and fell to the ground.

Hannah towered above you."Y/N......crying wont solve everything.You stubborn brat!!"She yelled before kicking you.You chuckled"....I wasnt crying!I was just seeing how foolish of a demon you are to lay your hands on your princess!!"

You stood up as you were in your true form.You grabbed her neck and Squeezed it."Now,I should let my father deal with you....better yet my granfather deal with you but....i would love to kill you."You growled.Your pendant glowed once more and Hannah's eyes widened.Your body built up as much power as it could as a scythe appeared in your hand."Erase~"You sung swing the scythe at her.

(Sebastian's POV)
   I stood up as I watched Faustus die.My attention was drawn away when I saw I big flash of light coming from where Y/N was.I ran towards the cave they were in.Y/N and Hannah was sprawled across the floor."Y/N!!!"I yelled as I ran towards her.I picked her up into my arms.

"Father...i-Im fine."She said in a weak tone.She coughed up at few dropps of blood."S-Sebastian?"Ciel's voice echoed through the cave.I turned around to Ciel.

(Your POV)

You opened your eyes to Ciel's voice."C-Ciel?"You said softly.You stood up limping over to him.You hugged Ciel as tears rolled down your face."Ciel,I did it...I got you back."You said as small wimpers escaped your lips.Ciel wrapped his arms around you."I know...I knew you would do it.Thank you Y/N."He whispered into your ear.You smiled.
You sat ontop of the coffins in the Undertakeer's parlour as he eyed you strangly.He'd let out a chaotic chuckle every now and then which creeped you out a little.

"Well Since shes not a full grown demon she can get hurt from things such as a knife breaking through her skin.Due to the fact that she had been injured before then,her using that much power caused her to loose too much blood and caused her to pass out.Hehe."He said fast.

"Call grandpa father.He can help."You said."Grandpa?"Ciel said looking at you."Yeah its Satan.I call him uncle because he doesnt want to feel as old as he is so I have to call him uncle."You said laughing awkwardly."I refuse to call him."Your father sighed under his breath.

You walked  down the calm streets of England with your father and Ciel.
"Y/N."Ciel said as he stopped in his tracks.He got down on one knee and pulled out a small box."Y/N M/N Michaelis....will you marry me?"He said as a smiled played on his lips."Y-Yes a billion times!!"You said softly.He stood up,slid the ring on your finger and kissed you.

~Next Day~★

You woke up to Elizabeth screaming like a whale."Elizabeth why in satan's name are you screaming like the world is ending?!"You questioned walking down the stairs.Elizabeth glared at you."Ciel why would you marry a peasant!!"Elizabeth whined."Lady Elizabeth where I come from im a princess.If you want i'll be glad to take you to my kingdom and let you burn while watching."You said as a smirk played on your lips."Now miss Y/N,Im sure you dont understand buisness,but Elizabeth must marry Ciel."

"No...those two are cousins and first cousins at that.Them marrimying eachother would most unpleasant."You said as your smirk turned to a then walked away."Im sorry but I wont allow you to interfere."Elizebeth's mother said drawing her sword."Are you willing to fight me."You said as your eyes turned fuschia.

"Yes if its for the sake of my daughter's happiness then I am."Sge replied.She darted towards you but missed as you dodged her."Im over here marchioness."You said as you stood next to Elizabeth.Elizabeth gasped looking next to her.Her mother then went for you again and you dodged her yet again."Im sorry was I too fast for you?"You said smartly.

"Little girl stop playing a game and face this fight.Avoiding me wont do any good its showing that you are truely a coward."She remarked.You frowned and jumped down from where you were."Y/N dont do it!"Ciel yelled.Her mother ran towards you and you stood there.You grabbed her sword as it cut your hand."Now Marchioness.If you wish to keep fighting ill show you my true colors."You whispered in her ear.

Blood ran down your arm as the blade of the sword cut through your skin.
"Y/N stop your body is still damaged!"Your father yelled.You ignored him and continued.She drawed her sword back towards her body then caught you off guard.The sword swiftly went through your abdomen.

You fell to the ground as blood poured out of your body.She walked towards you as Ciel and your father ran to your aid."Y/N!!"Ciel yelled."I told you my daughter's happiness is what is important."She said upset."Mother.....stop!Its obvious Ciel loves her.If he's happy with her then I'm happy as well."Elizabeth said looking down guilty.That was the last thing you heard before passing out.

♣Wakey wakey eggs and bakey♣

You slowly opened your eyes.Hearing a small sigh come from your bedside.You looked over to see.....Elizabeth!?She slowly lifted her head."Y-Y/N!"She said smiling.You tried to get out of the bed."No Y/N you mustn't move."She said looking at you worried."I-i need to see my father.."You said as you walked out the room.

Elizabeth walked down the hall with you.You two walked to Ciel's study."Well take her to get a dress tomorrow and have the wedding the day after."Ciel's voice said from the other side of the door.Elizabeth looked a little sad and you felt sympathetic towards her."Elizabeth......You'll find someone special."You said cheerfully.She smiled and nodded."Y/N im sorry for the way i treated you."Elizabeth said softly."Its fine."You said.'Im happy im getting married in two days!'

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