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DON'T EAT ME!!!!!!!!


Zayn Nocturne Malik wasn't afraid of pain.

If he were, he never would have joined the Atlantis army, became a solider and started the third world war.

If he were afraid of pain, he never would have became immortal. Pain was a side effect of life and his life was endless; forever and ever and ever until the universe is nothing but stardust, he will live, in pain.

He had his heartbroken before. When Mira died. When Venice betrayed him. When all of his friends died and he was alone, before he found Marcus and Jonah... But this, this was something else, something he hadn't experienced in a long time, since his human days, since he watched his father die on that battlefield beneath the walls of Rome, torn to shreds by the jaws of a werewolf.

Fury still burned in Zayn whenever the memory surfaced beneath the murky lake of forgetfulness and all those millenniums of memories and thoughts.

Atop the greatest pavilion of his palace, of this slice of heaven on earth, Zayn sat on terracotta tiles with a bottle of scotch in hand, drinking away his sorrows, numbing the pain with the one friend whom he knew would offer him warmth and comfort: alcohol.

He folded over himself.

Dark clouds rolled over the leaden sky, hiding the blues like a sheet of grey satin.

He had no choice.

Some times, life was more painful than death.

Some times, death was the most beautiful gift you can give someone.

Death wasn't necessarily a punishment, it can be an escape, a sweet, sweet escape; better than the company of the strongest of scotch.

Death was something Zayn will never have.

He remembered when he went to Venice, begged for invincibility, immortality, all the power in the world... he wanted to be strong so he can avenge his father and burn Rome to the ground. He wanted to be strong so he can protect his people, the people he loved. He wanted to be a hero, someone remembered for his bravery, someone who was loved... But in the end, he turned out to be a villain.

A heartless villain who had the heart to kill the only girl he ever loved.

The willowy melody of singing violins drifted to Zayn's ear.

The funeral had began.

He watched.

It was a closed casket, surrounded by mourners dressed in black.

Her parents were here, and they would take her away after this.

A small part of him wanted to keep her here. If he cannot have her in life then maybe he'll have her in death.

He wanted to build her an ice tomb, some place that can preserve her.

His eyes glanced at the pale blue veins beneath the skin of his wrist.

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