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......Trevor stopped everything. He looked into my eyes and I saw regret in his. That broke my heart. He got out of bed and looked around for his clothes. I just laid there naked under my blue covers and looked down at my fingers. One side of me was overjoyed. He showed so much love and passion and made me feel so pressured. The other side felt that this was awful and felt disgusted with myself. I just made love with my boss. This is so unprofessional. Now he probably thinks I'm easy and will fire me. Oh, gosh.
I looked up and saw him fully clothed. He didn't even look at me. Probably disgusted with the sight of me. I looked back down. He walked to the door and opened it. Before he left, he said-
Trevor- don't be late for work tomorrow......Ms. Coleman.
My heart fell. Ms. Coleman? He slept with me and then calls me "Ms. Coleman". Well that was like giving me the 🖕🏼to the face. I can't believe he did that. This is so embarrassing.
I got up and took a long shower. Trying to wash all my sorrows down the drain. Sadly, I failed. I got out the shower and walked into my room. After putting on a robe and slippers, I walked out into the living room. Bella was sitting there on the couch with her laptop.
Bella- hey, stranger. Where've you been? I kept calling your cell and you never picked up.
Zendaya- sorry. Look, Bella. Something happened.
Bella- oh, shit. What did Daniel do? Did he hump you in the faculty room again?
Zendaya- no, I wish. Wait, no I don't.
I sat on the couch next to Bella and took her hand.
Zendaya- Bella, Trevor and I had sex today.
Bella- you're joking.
Zendaya- I wish.
Bella- oh shit. Give me details now.
Zendaya- well, after we talked, I came back here and then he was at my door. He just kissed me. It was an amazing kiss. And then we went to my bedroom and he fucked me.
Bella- wow. And I missed all of this? Shit, where was I?
Zendaya- that's not all. He completely went douche on me afterwards.
Bella- douche? Like "we fucked now bye"?
Zendaya- yea. You should've heard him. "Don't be late for work tomorrow, Ms. Coleman".
Bella- "Ms. Coleman"? The fuck? What are you? In your 30s or something?
Zendaya- it was a total slap in the face. Like how the hell are you gonna have sex with me and then just walk out, calling me "Ms. Coleman"?
Bella- I knew he was a dick, but now it's confirmed.
I nodded and sighed.
Bella- so was he good?
Zendaya- I'm still walking right?
Bella- damn! The dick wasn't even good? That's funny as hell!
She started laughing.
Zendaya- it's not funny. I'm used to hooking up with guys and not being able to walk for two days after. This was a major disappointment.
Bella- wow. I'm gonna need the phone number of those guys.
Zendaya- you have Greg.
Bella- well, I wanna take things slow with him. You know?
Zendaya- no. I always jumped into relationships. Always ended badly.
Bella- what about dating for a few months and just waiting for that right moment?
Zendaya- I don't know. My longest relationship was four months.
Bella- damn.
Zendaya- I'm not proud of it. But at least they weren't dicks like him.
Bella- true. Want me to make you some coffee?
Zendaya- yea. I need some type of hot feeling today.
She laughed and went to the coffee maker. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. Still can't believe he did that. For once I feel ashamed. I feel violated. I feel Awkward. Once the coffee was done, Bella came back with two turquoise mugs. I took one and started drinking.
Zendaya- good coffee.
Bella- thanks. It's Cuban coffee. My fave.
Zendaya- I think it's my fave now too.
Bella- so what are you gonna do tomorrow?
Zendaya- probably still be pissed. Tell his ass off. Give him pure hell. Something like that I guess.
Bella- just don't get fired. I'll miss you too much.
Zendaya- I'll miss you too, boo.
Bella- yo, we should go clubbing.
Zendaya- we're underaged. Especially you.
Bella- the teen club. I've been there. Come on. We'll meet cute boys, get a little drunk, possibly get high, but at least you'll get your mind off things.
Zendaya- I don't know.
Bella- please. As your best friend, I want you to go.
Zendaya- fine.
Bella- yay!
She stood up and pumped her fist in the air.
Bella- to cute boys and getting fucked!
Zendaya- amen!
We both laughed. After drinking coffee, I went back to my room to get ready. I straightened my hair and started looking for a cute ass outfit. I found a white crop top and skirt set from Material Girl and white heels. After doing my makeup, I walked out and saw Bella in a skin tight red dress with a very high slit.
Zendaya- damn! Look at you, Bella!
Bella- thank you. You're looking amazing yourself.
Zendaya- thank you.
Bella- I called Gregg and he's going to take us. He's gonna be our chauffeur.
Zendaya- I don't feel like getting drunk.
Bella- I'm gonna make it my mission to get your drunk tonight. Got it?
Zendaya- sure.
Bella- good. And I'm extremely persistent so you better look out.
Zendaya- don't worry I will.
Then the door opened. We both went to the door and Bella opened it. Gregg stood there, gawking at Bella.
Gregg- wow. You look beautiful.
Bella- thank you. Come on, let's go.
We walked out the door and downstairs to the lobby. We walked out the door and into the parking lot to Gregg's car. He's got a nice car. We got in and were jamming to the radio on the way. Soon, we made it to the club and got out. When we got out the car, we of course had to wait in a long line to get in. Ten minutes later, we made it in and Bella was looking for the bar.
Zendaya- I'm not getting drunk.
Bella- hush. I have a goal.
Zendaya- I have work tomorrow.
Bella- so? Half of the stuff you do for him, he can do for himself, okay?
Zendaya- I swear, you have no chill.
Bella- I do. I just lost it and haven't found it yet. Where'd Gregg go?
Zendaya- I see him.
He was at the bar talking to some girl. A very pretty girl. They were talking and laughing and stuff. That seemed to make Bella mad. Her cheeks turned red and she sighed deeply.
Zendaya- you okay?
Bella- yea. I mean, we're not dating so why should it matter. Come on. Let's get to the bar.
Zendaya- okay.
We walked to the bar and she immediately ordered vodka. Yea, she's upset. We started doing shots. I wasn't of course. But Bella was throwing them down. Soon, she ditched me to grind on some boy. I just sat there and watched. I started looking at my nails when a really cute boy came over to me. And by really cute, I mean REALLY cute.
Zendaya- hey.
-so what's a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?
Zendaya- I'm not alone. My friends are just.....drunk.
-looks like we're in the same boat. I'm Justin.
Zendaya- Zendaya.
Justin- I like that. It's exotic.
And he bit his lip. Okay. Maybe I am gonna have some fun tonight.

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