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Aradale asylum –

Hello, this evening you will be reading a story about Aradale asylum. These are real happenings of that night of that one tour. Aradale asylum is found on the outskirt of Ararat, Victoria, Australia. It is a very good place to find out the history from ww1 and ww2 and everything that really happened in this asylum…..


I sat in my hotel room just reading up about Aradale asylum, I wanted to know as much as I could about it. Even though, I was going to be there in a matter of hours. I never understood why I liked paranormal things. It wasn’t normal and mostly guys loved the stuff. Well so my grandfather had told me.

With me I had my mother and two aunties, they are all very excited but at the moment they were in town shopping. I eventually tried writing more of my story but that wasn’t going to happen very much…. Seeing as I am really excited for tonight!

When it became 6:30pm I was told to get ready for tonight. I got changed into my white singlet and grey cardigan and some blue jeans. I let my brown-black hair stay its normal length just straightening it and then teasing it a little bit. I waited for a little bit for the others then we got into the truck and went into town. We had our food, my aunties had fish and chips and my mum and I had a sea food basket.

We started talking after dinner about what we hopped to do tonight but it wasn’t like we thought anything would but we could only hope.  After a while of just sitting and talking we took the long way back to the car. We all laughed as we couldn’t wait till we got back to our room to only wait a couple more hours…. Just a few more hours till it was time….. Come one time speed up to ten pm, I wanted to see it now!

After that my mum, had said that she had gotten me something from the shops.  I laughed when I saw it. It was a large round bunny pillow (it even had eyebrows haha) I was throwing it around the room with my aunties as my mum rested till we at least had to finish getting ready.

After a while I got really bored and started pacing around the room which was rather large for a hotel room. Three beds where fitted into the main room (one double, two singles) they were well prepared and easy to move if we wanted to move them. I had my music blasting through the head phones just paying attention to that. After a little while I put on some light makeup, a scarf and a jumper because now we had to get ready to go to the asylum.

So I basically packed my camera, gloves, hat and glasses (or I’m as blind as a bat haha). We didn’t really need to talk much just witness the amazing scenario that was about to happen before my eyes.

We were already half way down the road and were already trying to get each other lost…. But it was all fun seeing as minutes later we would have been there. I placed my hood over my head as we went up the extremely large driveway. We could just see the front of the asylum it was very beautiful.

We were the 10:30 group there was sixteen to twenty people. We got told to go inside and wait in the front foyer. Which we did, our tour guide was really freaky and scared me slightly when I first saw him. He had a wicked smile spread on his face; he wore a top hat and an old type of a suit. He also had a cane… my mum joked about, how he used it on the people who were naughty and didn’t listen to the rules…. I got the picture that she was meaning to behave or else but it was funny.

Once everyone was prepared to move on we did. It was really good we went into the main inner area of the asylum it use to have a wall straight through the middle. So the women had one side and the men had the other. Oh yeah did I mention that this was a lunatic asylum? Haha

Well we went up to Dr Dax’s office, it was rather large but it didn’t look like it when we all packed into the room…. He told us about the history and about the man that was the first head owner of the asylum and how he had epilepsy and ended up dying after leaving about three years after he had he had an extreme epileptic seizure and ended up dying. But the thing was that he had kept his epilepsy a secret and told no one because back then it was classed as something to cause someone to go insane. And the other six to have taken over all ended up dying later after that….

We hadn’t realised but he had disappeared and had walked around the corner and then the door opened and a blood curdling scream and it scared half of the people on the tour. It had scared this one girl so much that she had started crying and wouldn’t go close to the tour guide after that. It was funny to see but very bad…….

Next we went into the female ward and into one of the isolation rooms where the windows and the door where all reinforced the door was a thick wood and extremely hard to break. And the windows were two or one and a half inches thick.

It would have been terrible to even live in those rooms. But as we stood in that room a girl (not sure who she was) fainted but her boyfriend’s leg broke her fall and she landed with a loud thud. She was out for a minute of two but after that she was slowly taken out into the hallway to sit down with her boyfriend holding her up.

After that they asked to leave and with that two others also left…. But we all continued walking around…. But before we did he told us the things people had felt around these areas. : People felt sick to the stomach, they would faint, they would feel someone watching them and someone grabbing their butts (guys mostly).

There was a nurse who had the softest voice that could calm anyone who heard it. Her name was Nurse Kerry. She was the nicest ladies that would have worked there back then.  The guide told us that some of the nurses even tried to get one of the women to eat which she only refused and the nurses became desperate and decided to get a spoon full of whatever was being served and rammed it down her throat and when the spoon was removed she began spitting out blood. She ended up dying right in front of everyone.

That stayed in my mind for a long time after we continued walking. We saw all the different cells and hallways. We had also found out that the youngest female there was actually fourteen and for the males the youngest age was seventeen.

After we were done looking through all the women’s ward we walked down to the males ward. The tour guide had told us that two girls were staying really close to him then he opened a cell door and so they walked in and he slammed the door shut and when he opened the door the girls were crying and continued crying for half an hour.

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