[Chapter 9]

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*Perrie POV*

It's has been a month since the incident with Jade happened. I'll admit it, It's been like I'm literally living in hell right now. Everyone hates me.

Sam told all his friends everything, which led those idiots to start bullying me for trying to steal his girlfriend from him. It got worst when they found out that I started going to therapy for my paranoia. He went back to his old habits, and this time Jade is not going to stop him.

I have new bruises mostly everyday, but it was hidden in plain sight with makeup from the boys and my family. I never mentioned it to Zayn or Niall about me getting bullied, to prevent further problems.

I left my classroom with my hands in my pockets and my head down, hoping to avoid Sam's crew. But I felt someone pushed me from behind.

"Shit!" I yelled in pain as I fell to the ground and hit my head hard in the floor. I heard people laughing me and yelling dirty names at me. Nothing new, this happens almost everyday.

"Something wrong?" Sam snarled as Jade stayed silent beside the him. Why isn't she stoping him? Yeah, I know she hates my guts right now, but we used to be best friends. I knew deep inside she felt guilty, just too scared to do something.

"What are you going to do, bitch?" He kneeled beside my body. I wanted to punch that smirk away from his face. My jaw tightened, trying to stop myself from fighting back. He was clealy chuffed by the whole situation. "You suck, you can't even defend yourself, freak." He scoffed.

"Girls, you know your job." He winked at his 'followers', before walking off with his arm around Jade.

I tried standing up from the floor, by only ended up getting pushed back down by one of the girls. "Where do you think you're going?" They tried to look intimidating by cracking their fingers together. One of them charged at me, but I managed to dodge this time, and conked her with my fist.

"Fuck off." My voice was low, daring them to touch me again. It clearly caught them off guard since I never usually fight back. When none of them moved, I turned around to walk away. I then felt something hit my head and I felt straight to the floor. I felt my breathing go heavier as I felt a wave of panic surging through my body and ear piercing screams left my mouth. Thank god the bell already rang.

"What the hell? We'll get in trouble for that, you know how that freak is. Come on let's go before someone reports us." They scrambled off and left me lying on the floor, a hyperventilating wreck.

I stood up, I know I had to stand up and stay strong. My two feet touched the floor as I stabled my breathing. My face grimaced at the liquid I felt dripping from my head. I placed my fingers on it. Blood? I guess I have to get this checked out.

I stood up and headed towards the clinic, to check my new injury of the day(This is my worst one yet). Mr. Moris sawme before I could enter. "Dear god, Perrie. What happened to you?" He asked, assisting me to sit on the seat beside the school nurse. "I fell and hit my head on the floor."

He narrowed his eyes on me. "Don't lie to me, Ms. Edwards. Tell me who did this to you, are you getting bullied?" His pen was ready to write down the information, the tip already touching the notepad. "No one honestly! I'm just really clumsy and stupid." He gave me an unsure look but eventually choose to not push me. I knew even when I said Sam did it, nothing would happen. His dad is the biggest investor of the school, he practically owns the school.

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