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Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh :)

All praise is due to الله the lord of the worlds, no credit goes to me at all. It is الله who gives us the ability to talk or write and help...May الله increase us in knowledge. Ameen

Before i start, i want to make it clear that I'm Not at all a writer and the stuff in this book( or my other books) isn't written by me. Its just a little effort to spread Islamic knowledge, as I've learnt a lot from them so thought to share with you guys because "And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believer." Qur'an (51:56) who knows which act of ours Allah(SWT) might like and might grant us jannah So my all effort is to please Allah(SWT) only.

And coming to this book, every revert story shakes me and shows me the greatness in Allah's powers, May Allah grant everyone Jannah . Ameen

So in this book you will read some inspiring revert stories of some people who found the beauty of Islam. Hope you can also get to learn from their stories. after reading this you will realize how blessed you're to be born as a Muslim.

And most importantly this book or my other books is not only meant for Muslims but for everyone too.

If you enjoyed reading this book or my other books, please do Vote for it and drop me a Comment on what you are thinking.

I'll continue updating soon, in sha Allah. Jazakallah khair once more. Have a blessed day :)

Don't forget to keep Ummah in your Dua's

~ Yazztaj


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