"You know I can't think of a name like that" he said snapping his finger. "Really you can name other metahumans and you can't name me" I said. "I can name you, how about Turbo Girl" he said. I laughed so hard. "Come on Cisco you can do better than that" I heard someone say. I looked past Cisco and saw Iris. I ran to her and hugged her. "Hey Skye" she said. "Uh fire on Elm street" Caitlin said. "Hey Skye wanna come?" Barry asked. "Yeah" I saved the family when Barry wss putting the fire out. They looked at me but I blurred my face so they didn't know who I was. I ran to Barry the fire was out. "Ready to go?" I asked. "Yeah let's go" Barry said.
When we got to S.T.A.R labs Cisco was smiling. "I got the perfect name" he said. "I'm nervous" I said. "The...Dash" he said. I smiled. "Cool name" I said. "Yeah I thought so and.." he ran out of the room and came back with a suit it was a bright red with red boots with orange bolts on them. I saw a red mask with orange bolts sticjing out.  I saw a orange bolt in the middle of the suit. It was awesome. I hugged Cisco, "this is awesome" I said. "Why don't you try it on?" Barry asked. I used super speed to try it on. When I had it on I looked down. I looked good. Cisco whistled, Barry laughed. Caitlin and Iris came in. "You look good" Iris. "Thanks" I looked at Caitlin, she didn't say anything. "Uh robbery on baker street" Cisco said. "Ready?" I asked Barry. "I'm always ready" he said. We ran to it and I heard Caitlib in my head. "Great, I have an annoying voice in my head" I said. "Look out" Caitlin yelled. I ducked but the bullet went in my shoulder. "Ah!" I screamed. Barry punched a robber, I spotted the one who shot me. I got up, walked up to him. "Hey... who are you the sidekick?" he asked laughing. "I'm the Dash his partner" I said. I speeded behind him grabbed  shoulder and pressure pointed him. He fell unconscious. "Remind me not to make you mad" Barry said. I laughed, then my shoulder hurt. "Ow" I said holding my shoulder. "Don't worry speedsters heal fast" he said. Then a hostage took a photo of us. "What's your name? Are you the flash's sidekick?" the reporter asked. "I'm the Dash, I'm his partner" I said. Then we speeded away.
I lay on the hospital bed in the middle the cortex. "Your vitals are normal for you, you just need to rest" Caitlin said. She left and so did Cisco. Barry was about to leave. "Wait Barry can you stay with me? Until I fall asleep?" I asked. "Sure" he said. He sat in the bed. I closed my eyes, then fell asleep.

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