Here it was. Movie night. With yourself. Alone


It wasn't always like this, but it's been so long, you forgot ever going out with anyone.

You glanced up from the movie theater bathroom sink, getting a good look at yourself. You frown, but sighed and moved away, quickly making your way back into the packed room. You were hoping, by god, your seat was still there.

It was that new Star Wars movie that everyone was going crazy about. And of course, you wanted to see it on a hectic night. There were so many people, you almost felt faint and clausterphobic.

Breathing in deeply, you climbed up steps and was sliding past people when you noticed:

Oh, shit. Someone took your seat.


"Uhm, excuse me." You whispered, though it was just preview now.

The man in question looked up with his big eyes.

"I-" You instantly were speechless, finding the man intriguing and, well, really handsome. "That's, uhm, my spot."

"It is? I didn't-" he now saw the popcorn box and drink, along with other snacks beside the seat. "I assumed it was that this guys here-" The guy near him glared, "But Im so sorry."

"You're fine, I'll just-" But then, he was grabbing at you and sat you along his legs. You tried not to squeak, but blushed deeply.

"There aren't any other open seats. I think this one would be better than the floor."

"I-" You were now severely speechless.

"While you're all comfy, Im Joe Gatto, by the way."


Before Joe could speak, the movie started. And you actually sat there... The whole night.

When it was said and done, you somehow managed to get his number. As flustered as you were, you, for some reason, ended up calling him the next day.

You're weird.

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