Ah, fresh air. Here you were, at a nice little fair. You came along with a couple of your friends. They, of course, ran off while you decided it best to use the restroom before anything.

But, oh wait. Fuck. There were only port-a-potties.


When said and done, you were happy to finally be able to step out and get fresh air. The fresh air you were planning to get the whole time. But of course, you started it by such foil smells.

You sighed, moving your hand to the lock and-

Nudge, nudge.It wouldn't budge.

At moments like that, you would've laughed.

Hah! I rhymed!

But no, it smelt like shit and you wanted OUT.

Nudge, nudge.

"Gah! No!"

Then there were a nudge from the other side while you were nudging, and before you knew it, you were falling into the arms of someone else.

"Oh, jeez! This is embarrassing! I-" But you stopped.

Well hello, handsome.

"You're fine. I've done way worse and been embarrassed probably worse." The guy laughed. And then you laughed.

"Im Murr."


"Wanna go ride the ferris wheel, Y/N."

"..Sure." You smiled, oddly happy to have been locked in a port-a-potty.

You're so weird.

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