"Okay, enough is enough," You gritted your teeth, seeing that the movie you've been dying to rent, was STILL not on the shelf. It just came out like, what, three days ago? And everytime you came, it wasn't there.

"Who the FUCK has my movie?" You growled.

"You mean this one?" A foreign voice called. You were about to turn, spat that three days was too much when you saw the guy.

Well, I cant get mad at such a cutie...

"Uh, yeah."

He smirked, handing it to you.

"Don't you, uh," You started to rethink to argument, even though he really was quite handsome, "Don't you think three days is a bit too much?"

"I just rented it yesterday. There are other people who wanted to see this movie, y'know."

Good point.


He laughed, "Im Sal."


He smiled, putting his hand out for the movie. You rose your brow, cautious but handed it to him. He took out a marker and paper, wrote something, and slipped it inside.


You looked in and, wow, a number.

He flashed a 'call me' symbol with his hand.

It was odd that you actually called him.

You're so weird.

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