These next few are with the theme of you two meeting up in a strange way . . . Weirdo.

Okay, you had to admit, this was a shitty idea. This was such a shitty idea. Being signed up for the art class was shitty.

Sure, you loved to get a little artsy, but... This kinda thing wasn't you. Not at all.

So, finding yourself sitting at a table, in a summer camp class, alone, was, well, shitty as hell. Everyone else was paired and then there was you. Alone.

You played with the pencil, sketching a stupid little stick figure when someone walked up.


You glanced up, ready to glare at anyone who would approach you, but you were taken back.

He's a cutie.

"I guess I'm your partner." He said. You weren't even looking at the paper - rather him - while sketching. He smiled, taking a seat next to you.

"So what's your name?"


"I'm Brian, but you can call me Q."

There was a pause from Q.

"I'm guessing your parents signed you up for this, unwillingly, like mine? Considering you're way prettier than any of these, uh, weird chicks here."

You blushed furiously.

"Uh, yeah, but-"

"Parents are cruel, arent they?" Q interrupted before you could put yourself down.

Then Q looked at your paper, smirking to himself. He scooted closer, placing a kiss to your cheek.


"You're drawing a heart with your name and mine."


He chuckled, curling a hand around your waist.

And that's how Q became your boyfriend.

How odd.

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