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Kylie remained in the bathroom until it was nighttime. The small rectangular window at the top of the wall gave her a full view of the night sky. A crescent moon cast an eerie glow across pack territory. Taking a deep breath she decided that it was time to be brave, she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ryder was pissed, but slightly happy because he marked her.. He'd stayed in the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed facing the door to the bathroom, waiting. The room was only dimly lit by the two bedside lamps. At the sound of the dorm being unlocked, he straightened, poised to spring off the bed. When Kylie opened the door she'd put on the white shirt that she'd had on before. Closing the door quietly behind her, she looked into his eyes. Standing, Ryder approached her slowly. Wrapping a hand gently around her wrist, he tugged her towards the bed.

Apprehension filled Kylie as they approached the bed. Although she'd come to terms that in order for her to survive and possibly escape that she would have to behave, do as she was told, as much as it aggravated her. Wait, no, as much as he aggravated her. There was a large damp mark on where she'd been lying, Kylie could feel Ryder's eyes bore into the side of her head, and was suddenly very aware of his hand clamped tightly around in her wrist.
"You need to sleep now" Trust Ryder to tell her what she needed. Sighing, Kylie climbed onto the bed, making sure to sit on the edge of the bed. The Alpha gave her a blank stare before walking into the bedroom. Weirdo.

The sound of Ryder's breathing filled the room. Kylie hadn't been able to relax, it wasn't hard to guess why. Her muscles were tense as she lay on her side, staring at Ryder. He looked peaceful in his sleep, younger. Kylie frowned, Ryder is a monster, probably the stupid mark that was making her feel this why.
Definitely the mark. A noise downstairs sent her flying up out of bed, crouched in a defensive position. Ryder sat up, rubbing his eyes, clearly he wasn't alarmed. Looking at her he smirked.
"Calm down little one" Ryder pulled back the sheets, patting the empty mattress. Kylie's heart was racing, sweat had started to build, exhaustion making her feel limp. Simply, she was a mess.

Ryder sensed Kylie's haywire emotions through his sleepy state.
(A/N I wrote 'through his sleepy salad '😂)
Concern and panic. Things he hadn't experienced often, he now experienced now. Cautiously, Ryder climbed off the bed and over to the shaking Kylie, wrapping his arms around her, he felt her stiffen, then go limp.
She was too tired to fight, but he had a feeling that it wouldn't last long. Carrying her quickly over to the bed, he lay her on the mattress, climbed in, pulling her to his chest. It only took a few moments before they were both asleep .

Kylie was warm, opening her eyes, she blinked rapidly, letting them adjust to the early morning sunlight that streamed in through the glass wall. Ryder was snoring contentedly, his breaths tickling the back of her neck. The urge to laugh suddenly filled her. Why? No idea. Climbing slowly out of Ryder's arms, she decided she'd give him hell after she found some food. He'd shown her kindness, well after he'd tried to have sex with her but as far as she knew until last night, The Alpha didn't feel happiness.

Butterfly's filled her stomach as she looked down on him.
Oh god no, not all that girly shit.
And with that, Kylie walked out if the room, thinking; what kind of idiot leaves the door unlocked?
She walked down the stairs, it only took her a few moments to find the kitchen but when she did, it was not what she was hoping for.
Twenty or so pack members stood before of her, just staring.
Well shit.

Kylie's mouth hung open, eyes wide, standing frozen in her tracks. Before anyone could say or do anything, she sprinted back up the stairs, into the bedroom and jumped onto Ryder's sleeping form. To say he woke with a shock was an understatement, he woke having a bloody heart attack. His arms were quick to stop the bombarding fists that were aimed to hit his face.
"Stop, stop" Finally he managed to get a firm hold on her wrists, stopping her attack. He felt to sleepy to be angry but was awake enough to wonder what the hell was going on?
"There's-" Kylie panted, barely being able to get a coherent word out.
"There's what?" Ryder felt panic, was something here to hurt Kylie, his wolf growled at the thought.
"Pack- down-stairs"
Ryder began to laugh.

Kylie felt the urge to hit Ryder once again, then realised that she couldn't.
She was sitting in chest naked chest, yes naked, scowling. What was so damn funny?
"I'm glad you find the fact that I was startled so funny" He stopped, looking up at her, a small smile on his lips. Ryder reached up to touch her face, Kylie leant back.
"I'm not letting you touch me" She scowled.
"We'll see"

Once Ryder had pulled on a pair of jeans, he pulled Kylie down the stairs and into the kitchen. The pack members who had been whispering to each other quietened immediately at their arrival. Kylie watched as a large man stepped forward, grinning. His thick slightly curly brown hair, green eyes, large muscles and perfect smile made him the high school jock stereotype.
" The names Jax, beta and best friend to this asshole" Jax, gestured to Ryder, who growled but gave him a playful grin. Kylie nodded, hiding her amusement, she had not been expecting any of this.
Ryder pushed past Jax, dragging Kylie with him, and cleared his throat.
"My loyal pack members, I present to you you're Luna, Kylie"
Within five seconds the females had practically jumped onto Kylie and almost smothered her in hugs. The males kept a respectful distance knowing that if they got to close, it would not go down well with their Alpha.

Kylie was grinning. She couldn't help it. The females were chattering away excitedly, no matter how much Kylie wanted to be with her family, she couldn't hate the females. Ever. Ryder's strong hands pulled her into his chest. She stopped herself from ripping away from him. Only for the packs sake.
"You'll meet the rest later" Ryder whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver. He pulled her into a living room, which of course matched the rest of the house. The sofas were either black or white with pillows that matched. The whole room was symmetrical, perfectionist or what? Kylie took a seat on one if the long black sofas, lying back against the layers of fluffy pillows. Ryder sat on the white coffee table, sitting opposite her, hands in his knees.
"You have questions, I will answer them"

Ryder wasn't sure why he was allowing this. Maybe the fact that her constant worrying caused himself distress. Kylie wasted no time;
"Where are my family, my pack?"
"Both your brothers, Rivers and Padra are alive, same for your father and most pack members, I wouldn't hurt you like that" Kylie wanted to bring up last night and what he almost did, but decided against it. He'd spared her brothers and father, the females, children and remaining males.
"They are currently in my packs territory, some females have been able to get jobs and are staying in the lack pack house"
Kylie just nodded.
"I need to attend a pack meeting, I will be back soon" He smiled slightly before getting up and walking away.
Just before he was out of earshot Kylie shouted; "Thank you Ryder"

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