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You're beautiful he says as he swings you in his arms.

Your amazing he proclaims and you fall for his stupid pathetic charm.

You laugh and cry before you finally know.

Everything he said was a lie and now he must go.

He found somebody new with a better looking face.

And you are left behind as if you are only waste.

It's become so hard to live that you can't even speak.

You think it's your fault and these thoughts you hear throughout the weeks.

Thoughts come and hope fades as you think to yourself were we really meant to be.

You wish you could open your eyes and see.

See past his charm and see past his stupid lies.

Then maybe you wouldn't have to cry every time you hear the words "goodbye."

You tried to change yourself to make him want you more.

But all he did was laugh and shove you out the door.

You then couldn't take it, for he had stole your heart.

But if only you backed away could you remove the dart

You panic, for your heart is truly broken.

It's hurts to bad that you can't even find the words to be spoken.

You then hear the thoughts as they run through your head.

That maybe life would be better if you were only dead.  

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