Chapter Thirty Six

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After sitting on the sofa in the living room, suffering in silence for the last couple of hours, Charlie decided to try once again to coax Anora out of the room to talk. He walked over to the door and knocked on it but received no response.

"I'm not going anywhere until you open this door." he sighed. He continued knocking on the wood, knowing it would eventually irritate Anora enough to where she would have to open the door. Iggy sat next Charlie looking at the door.

"Look, Anora, I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it in that way. I...worded it completely wrong." he said. "I know it wasn't in my place to suggest something like that but you have to understand that...well I worry about you Anora. I worry about you getting hurt, especially when I'm not around. It's not because I think you're weak or anything, it's because I care..."

He rested his head on the door. "I care so much, Anora. You have no idea." 

The home was quiet, pure silence blanketing over them making it all it more harder for Charlie to speak.

"I wanted to talk to you earlier about know lately, I've been feeling different and I couldn't explain it, but now I can. It involves you Anora and...I really don't want to tell you this behind a closed door. I rather tell you to your face, can you please just open up the door?"

No response was given, and Charlie pushed himself up to his feet. 

"Anora, open the door or I'm going to force it open whether you like it or not."

Her stubbornness was showing as the door remained closed. Charlie rolled his eyes and walked over grabbing his wand and aiming it at the door.


The door unlocked with a click, allowing Charlie to venture in the room.

"Anora, are you asleep?" 

He turned on the lamp to find the room completely empty. The window was open, allowing a breeze to move around the drapes.

Charlie cursed under his breath as he hurried over to the window.


To his knowledge, Anora would never leave Iggy behind if she had decided to leave the sanctuary that evening. However, as Charlie opened the drawers, he found Anora's belongings gone.

"Don't do this to me Anora." he begged as he left out of the house to search the sanctuary in hopes that she had just left to stay in another cabin.

After visiting countless homes in the sanctuary and asking workers if they had seen the white haired woman, Charlie returned back to the cabin alone. 

"She'll be back." he told himself. "There's no way she would leave Iggy behind."

He walked inside but Iggy was no longer in the living room.

"Iggy?" he called out. He searched the home, but the cat was gone. It seemed she had returned for Iggy and departed from the sanctuary.

"Great, just great."

"Don't give me that look, Iggy." Anora said as she carried the cat in her arms. "I wasn't going to leave you, you know me better than that. I just knew I couldn't walk out the front door without facing possibly another argument."

Iggy mewed in her ear.

"Yeah well, you heard him, didn't you? I apparently don't belong at the sanctuary with my reckless behavior. So be it. I won't work there anymore. We'll go home for a little bit and then I'll see about working at another one. I heard there are some pretty good ones."

She turned down the road to her home, adjusting the bag over her shoulder.

"Ugh, I can only imagine what Mum and Dad are going to say." she groaned. "A whole bunch of I told you so, I know that for certain. Probably try to convince me to go back to Hogwarts....well at least I'll get to see Tonks."

Hopping up the steps, Anora knocked on the door of her parent's home and immediately heard shuffling behind the door.

The door opened revealing a very confused Gerald and Simone. But the confusion turned into complete joy as they saw their daughter on the front step.


Iggy leaped from Anora's arms to avoid being smothered in the series of hugs. Anora chuckled and eventually convinced her parents to let her go.

"I missed you guys too. So my old room still available?"

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