#12 Twin Obsessions

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Whatcha gonna do when the Bad Boys come for you ;) ------->>

Chapter 12:

Nauti woke slowly, breathing deeply and his nose twitching as an unfamiliar scent filled the air. It so utterly delicious that he felt his stomach curl tightly together and let out a growl.

God, he couldn't remember the last time he had smelt breakfast that hadn't been burnt and set the fire alarm off.

Without even opening his eyes, Nauti swung his legs out of bed and headed out the room without bothering to even throw on a shirt, following his nose to the kitchen where he met the most beautiful sight ever.

Jesse stood at the stove, wearing a pair of denim shorts that had been ripped in the most intriguing places, a black tube top and her feet bare. She had pulled her hair in a tight bun and she was singing softly as she prepared breakfast. Swaying her legs hips slightly to the beat that only she could hear.

Nauti grinned widely and softly padded up behind her.

"Good morning." He whispered softly into her neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist, ignoring the way she squeaked and stiffened in his arms. Nuzzling the soft spot behind her ear, he stepped even closer to her, pressing his body tightly against her so that she could feel his erection against her lower back. The heat from his naked chest against her back.

"M-Mo-Morning." She stuttered, her body taunt as she tried not to shiver in arousal.

"That smells amazing. What are you making?" He asked as her, sliding his hands down her sides, settling them on the tops of her thighs. Smiling slighty as her breathing hitched and sped up.

"Uhm, I-I'm me-making - uhm- pan-pancakes a-a-and bacon with uh-" This time there was no stopping her body from shaking as he let one of his hands drift oh-so slowly towards her crotch. Adding heat to her already burning core as he cupped her intimately. His other hand made a journey upwards, under her shirt, until his thumb and index finger rested just under the swell of her breasts.

"With?" He pressed, still whispering against her neck and pressing her even closer as she arched against him.

Ch-Cheese and mu-mushroomsssss." She hissed as his hand finally covered her breast and he pinched the aching nipple between his fingers. Rolling the swollen bud with just enough pressure to make her cream and squirm. He moved the hand between her leg just enough for her to feel the pressure.

Jesse moaned softly and clutched at the cold part of the stove. Her eyes unfocussed as she fought the pleasure that he aroused inside her. Her legs shook with surpressed desire was growing increasingly warmer as he gently played her body like some kind of expert. His fingertips were light on her body and he knew just how much pressure to apply to keep her burning but not enough to give her that orgasm her body so desperately craved.

"Take her top off." Demanded Devlish behind them and without even hesitating, Nauti did as he said.Using only the hand thathad been toying with her nipples to quickly whip the shirt off of her, before Jesse could even think to protest.

Not that she would have fought very hard against them anyways.Her body wanted this too badly. It was weakening her. Taking all her will power.

"Turn around." The gravelish sound of his voice had Jesse shivering even more but when Nauti slowly turned with her in his arms, and her eyes met his the pounding of her heart picked up pace and her breathes burst from her parted lips in pants of need. All this was worsened when Nauti casually went back to what he had been doing before his brother came in. Only now he let his hand drift down to her abdomen, massaging the slight swell of her stomach before dragging his hands back up. Causing Jesse to moan softly at the feel of his short nails digging into her sensitive skin even as the lust and some other unknown emotion burning so brightly in Devlish's eyes held her attention.

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